Unlike Persephone…

…it would appear Hell spat him out a bit early. Couldn’t be on good behavior so it was more likely unfair competition.

The Velocigod awakens. All hail the king.

8 thoughts on “Unlike Persephone…”

  1. I know. He even comments on my blog, and has my link on his site.

    I've emailed him three times, and no dice. So I've dumped his links. Nothing like starving him out, to make him hungry for Slack-linkage.

    Heh. I'd chalk it up to being caught in a spam filter, but you never know with him!

  2. A *little* dirty side? Oh, I've cleaned up A LOT. Just don't scrub off that veneer too much…

    Besides, I've heard tell your “dirty side” is not little.

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