A Lovely Little Flick – and a Kick

I don’t know how I haven’t seen this already since it has been seen by rather a lot of people already. But what a lovely sentiment…

I’d forgotten how once I moved with that same languid pleasure through my quiet life. No dog, no connection, just me and the world. And the work, of course. The early Sunday hikes at Sweetwater were my reward, those miles rolling beneath my feet as each little point of interest was reached. Amazing moments – a pack of coyotes loping across my path in winter, trees utterly frozen singing a queer high song as the wind bent them, that glimpse of a very large cat across the river – that pole tail flexing as it left the crouched drinking position and bolted up the hillside…I had forgotten all of it.

Perhaps it is time to return to those Sundays, dogs for company, and know again the ease of breath on a hill, and the frosty nose bite of the air.

And, entirely unrelatedly but in memory of Steve

Roll Tide (Chicken, Chicken)

4 thoughts on “A Lovely Little Flick – and a Kick”

  1. I love my friends, but I so need the alone time to walk and think and take it all in.

    I'd don't do well with the constant houseful of noise and the white picket fence. Why I never wanted to remarry for so long. . .

  2. “One can not know others until they know themselves.” I feel the only way to do that is to be alone at times. If you cannot be happy and at peace alone, how in the hell are you going to be happy with another by your side?


  3. K, you are so right. It took me awhile to get comfortable in my own skin. But then it was serene…

    B, it is difficult for me, sometimes, to deal with the noise of others. I never did understand people who couldn't just enjoy silence.

    Ed, as always…succinct. LOL Wrong, but succinct.

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