Capping It Off

I’ve had a hectic holiday month and found it nigh unto impossible to do this thing while taking care of everything else…and rather a lot has gone on…

But the thing I know most will be curious about – just how does that damned Five-SeveN shoot? Well, I will spare you the obligatory shooter stance picture – my call sign will have to be Short Round. Instead, we can take a look at the first shots. From, I think, 75 ft…

It was a tad high so we dialed it down a bit. I had a few issues with that expectation thing – breathing, aiming, squeezing so that it is a surprise…I had to settle into it. That is why I like the weight of the 1911 – it keeps things neat and tidy, reaction-wise. This thing is light as a bird and wants to flit around.

Its grip is wide. I’d say it was almost too wide for my hobbity hands but so nicely checkered that I can manage.

I was shooting some very fine rounds – they are jewel-like in their box. Special, I only tossed a dozen or so at the target and a few evil bowling pins. I’ll have to get some lesser quality ammo for future practice.

Let’s see the pins, shall we? The front…yes, those tiny little vampiric pricks…

And the back…these were some rather gnarly free range pins, all soggy and nasty, so I am not certain the real impact is reflected here. We hope for a feral hog to show itself and we might then get a better idea.

Now, I know some may be concerned for the level of lethality of this thing – so goes the general chatter online. But they forget that the bad guys are all donning the vests, now. Every southern – er – family army(of which an especially evil version resides very nearby) is better trained and geared up than most police forces. If they choose to make me a target, I intend to be at least as well-provided for as they are. Hopefully, better.

Let me see if I can express the way the thing shoots…it is very like shooting a plinking .22, yes. But with a real *crack*. It is a cinch to get back on target shot after shot as there is little muzzle rise. And what I really liked was that it is easier to perform ye olde trigger reset than I’ve ever known. Almost instinctually set for it, if that makes sense. All my other weapons I have to give it thought – I do not shoot often enough for it to be muscle memory. This one just…works…

I have to say – I am very pleased, indeed, even if Trooper used all the egg money to get the damned thing. How can you stay mad at a man who gives you such a lovely gift? Now, I just have to get Kirkpatrick on the line for a new holster – I love their Texas Strong Side version and got two for the 1911. A lady has to color coordinate, after all!

Now, I just need to think of a good nickname for the thing…

2 responses to “Capping It Off

  1. A name? You can call it the “Hasan”. Nah, too snarky. How about Poirot? It's Belgian, a bit fem, arguably discerning and suitably exclusive.

    You can't be “Shortround”! The original Shortround was in my F-4 squadron in Spain. He was a former Army officer who cross-trained. Flying the Phantom during an ORI, he managed to fumble-finger the switches during a night nuclear deliver and dumped a full-sized nuclear weapon “shape” just twelve miles short of the target! No ground injuries and no damage (cement filled shapes don't explode.) Forty years later he is still “Shortround”.

  2. Ed, you crack me up. I guess I'll have to surrender Shortround – damn, one must have to fetch a lot more than just a couple dozen doughnuts for that meritorious event.

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