Novel Gift Ideas and The Peterman Sale

I tend to shop online and from catalogues because I cannot bear to enter a mall. I’ve always got a lot of interesting options and thought I’d pitch these today.

This place is a haven of girly stuff. Yes, it’s mostly frou-frou. But some of it is quite darling and not found elsewhere. And their wrapping? It is overdone – gorgeous. They have a calligrapher on staff to write your tender greeting. If you need to have a gift sent, this place will do it and very well, indeed. Some ideas? Do you know someone who does beadwork? This contains them nicely! A fine chef? Get the perfect apron. Kids? How about these blackboard placemats? They can draw while you dine in relative peace.

J. Peterman – who hasn’t loved the mockery on Seinfeld? The clothes are actually quite nice. And, today only, there is a terrific sale on outerwear. Yes, including the original item that made him famous – that long ranch coat – the Duster. When I was a lass, there was a young man in a western bar who strode in wearing that thing. I dropped a note by his glass on my way out indicating my appreciation. Most females would love a frock coat – romantic, yes but practical in a nice cotton corduroy.

Perhaps these will help knock a few gifts off your list!

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