Winter Cleaning

I’ve had this need to tidy up lately. More haus frau than usual… So when Trooper showed me this one it gave me a giggle. Yeah, sometimes it’s true…
At any rate, we’ve chosen items to place on ebay that have languished too long, the debate on what one person wants to keep that the other sees as saleable echoing room to room. I am not good at letting go.
But the world is changing and I must change with it. No need for all this baggage of life. I don’t care anymore about that silk skirt that I once needed to fit in at the office. And that “Pr0n Picnic” outfit? Well, it no longer fits – in many ways – and surely someone rather younger can make it work. (Dichotomy. I haz it.)
The need to make those adjustments was enhanced with a post-Thanksgiving trip eastward to check on a recent installation at a friend’s property – one over-engineered gate for feral pig capture and retention. As the guys worked I wandered over to the tree stand, settling down in it for some peace and quiet. As I sat there in the growing winds I was reminded of the pleasure it gives me, that simpler life.
It’s time, I think, to accept what will be. To deal with it, honestly. And to be ready, no matter what comes.

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