Good Guys Finish Last

Ah, yes…the nasty little creature pulls his strings once more to determine – or believe he will determine – the fate of my beloved. Oh, he has never come against what I would bring to his hearth and home if pressed…

There are times, dear friends, when that feral thing that survived a sharp Chicago youth aches to skirt those dark ways again and give a lesson to those who need one so very much. I sometimes cannot comprehend the thing that walks in heels and silk and faces me in the mirror, so different is she from that person I was. Clean, now, and kind. But he scratches at that veneer like the fool that he is, touching on that which I care for very much.

Perhaps his truths should be laid out? Perhaps his veneer of gentility needs to be…burnished. A liar, a cheater, a small-minded thing that thinks he can out-run his age. Run, yes, little man. Run all those miles. And if wishes have wings my own will caress you, darkest yet, that littlest twinge in a heart so small…too small, surely, for what you demand it give you.

Oh, how my fingers itch to see his own clutching.

Instead, I turn the music up quite loud and tell that shady thing to settle down. Time enough for all that. Options, you see…sane and reasonable options yet remain. Paperwork and forms, letters and the like can flutter around high offices. So be still, I tell her, be patient. It’s that whole escalation of force thing. Two can play at that game.

S0 she turns around with an irritated smirk. And the lifted brow that illustrates her doubt. Always the pessimist…

Turn it up, she says. Time enough. Play on, Sass, and show the people how it’s done.

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