What If? No Matter.

Everyday there is more evidence that I was right. And it gives no comfort at all.

I look at the supplies laid in and think, “Not enough…” – even having started early and working hard at it, not enough. Still, I spent Election Day doing what I ought: getting a lot of wheat, flour, and other foodstuffs. We put it all up in the tin cans the next night, the lids cranking shut with a firm and reassuring finality.

I don’t believe it will take much to start a run on the stores. I won’t be surprised to see a lot of things in short supply very soon. I won’t pretend to tell you how to live your life but…it you do the calculations, you will see that those 3 or 4 pounds of flour in your pantry aren’t going to cut it.

I averaged out some basic notes:
2 cups (about 13 1/8 oz.) of wheat turns = 3 cups of flour
Single loaf bread recipes = 3 or 4 cups of flour.
A 25 lb bag of wheat = about a dozen loaves of bread

So how long do you think your family would like to have bread with their beans? A few weeks? Maybe a few months if you are very conservative? Get your ass over to the Mormons’ food store and get all you can at a very reasonable price. For now. They don’t care who you are. They just ask that you get the stock for yourself – not for resale. If they have a canner for loan, take them up on it.

Don’t you have one or two things you might like to store in a tin can away from prying eyes?

I think of you guys, you rare few, as good friends. I hope you’ll take advantage of this tremendous opportunity to be ready. To not have to line up for a bowl of soup, to not look at a rat as an entree. Be ready.

4 thoughts on “What If? No Matter.”

  1. Great advice Laura. Lu and I have put away a years worth, not only for us but the grandkids as well because if necessary my daughter will be moving in with us. It's one of the better reasons for our move.

    One can never have too much.

  2. I had a feeling you guys were all set. I know we're a bit low in the protein department but with the feral hogs and rampant deer I think we can make it a little while.

    A friend tried out the “emergency rations” diet and found that it was enough to get through a day but not nearly enough for doing any ground pounding or other exertion. Protein, he said, was a missing component and will be an absolute must.

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