Here Comes Halloween!

Yessss…don the persona, hide the banal, and become young once again. So I did once again – as I try to every year – dolling it up for the temporary heathens.

Oh, I do dislike the non-costumed greedy bastages…I give them a ration of shit – and a ration of crappy little Dum Dums since they suit.

But I also retain a few extra large fancy chocolate bars for those who went above and beyond. I reward excellence. It surprises the recipients and it makes me happy, too.

Amusingly, the local PD pal visited a time, whipping open the door and surprising the kids. I cracked up. Too, he thought my own gaudy trappings were amazing. I don’t know why more adults don’t get rigged up. Fun, fun…of course, we ran out of candy before we ran out to ToTs. They bus them in here.

Speaking of rigged up…Jayne, here…makes me laugh everytime.

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I hope it has been just the spooky break you needed.

3 thoughts on “Here Comes Halloween!”

  1. I missed out on much of it. As you can expect I've been busy the last 24 hours.

    Rangebuddy said they had about two dozen kids was all. It's rural so no sidewalks or street lights so probably not many there. I would only get about six or seven of the neighbor kids at my house.

    Still, I missed seeing them all dressed up.

  2. That's the spirit Laura. Lu and I love Halloween, though I had to expose her to the joys since she was raised in a small Mormon town and they tend to tsk and roll their eyes at we heathens.

    Now we get dressed up, put on a CD of War of The Worlds and sit at the front door, dispensing sugary joy and making approving comments about the scary costumed tykes. Of course the big dog does dip into the witch's bowl from time to time. Just to keep in the spirit doncha know.

    I love Halloween!

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