Catching Up

It’s a classic Friday night in Texas with the football game loudspeaker audible in the back yard and Trooper noting the very polite ways of the visiting team as he pulls another part time to keep this ship afloat. Lovely man…warm peanut butter cookies will greet him when he comes in. Earned, after a full days’ work followed by more hours on his feet…

I drove back from the grocery in the dusk, slowly passing the cattle moving slowly to the fenceline to get the grass that is surely greener just on that other side. Yes, in a year that view will be gone, replaced by another building that no one really needs but which this small town will accept. Perhaps our property value will rise enough to let us leave…still…there are benefits to this small stop on the main road.

There you can see the view that greets me on the commute to the office, the fabulous tollway striking a clean line through the once-pastureland.

When we were away all we could talk about was how we missed the wide skies of home. And this admittedly horrid cell shot while moving can hardly convey its beauty. I am fortunate, I know, to have this before me. I miss not at all those 8 lanes of 75 South.

It was a difficult day, though, as the puppies were full of themselves and troublesome. Rain came briefly at dawn, settling me back into dreams of underwater sheep, grazing and walking around as though they’d always been amphibious. Some were bare of fleece, glistening like sharkskin, and others retained their wool and it moved like mermaid hair in the currents.

Suffice to say, I woke late and confused, with no time to do more than shove a breakfast sandwich at Trooper and settle in to the day.

Kota was the one most unhappy with the situation. No matter how much time outside I gave her, this was the result.

The window shows the evidence of her frustrations. But it is that face that gets me. Intense in moments. Intent clear. And sometimes a bit too feral to the eye though not in act. Most amusing is the cock of the white brow when she is puzzled. So perfect in execution that you can hardly keep from smiling.

She is smart…too damned smart in some ways. But as much as Ranger is delicate and cautious – so is she heavy-pawed and coarse. Even her gait is different, all stiff-legged and stomping compared to his prancing trot.

It has taken a lot of time and patience to get her in hand and it will take more, still, to keep it that way. She does not like strangers in the house so we’ve work to do on that front. Still a lot of wolf in her, the man said. And I have to agree. Yes, that piece of her remains and likely always will. But it also gives her that need of me, her pack, and her now-gentler pawing at me for attention. She dislikes an unexpected touch, flinching with surprised nerves, but craves it when she is able to control it, see it coming. A darling girl – but she does have a flaw.

The butter.

She ate two sticks in the course of a week when I’d neglected to comprehend her size and reach. I have a stick set out nearly every day for cooking so it was something I never considered. Ranger doesn’t counter surf, after all. I wasn’t prepared for her to assault it.

I do wonder, sometimes, if it is simply a need for more fat in her diet. Perhaps she needs the content for her wolf side and cannot help but desire it. I gave her a few pieces today after she kindly waited for the photo. You can almost see that madness gleaming in her eye, though, can’t you?

Well, there is all that…and then there is this – morale patches received in a crap shoot order. Mystery patches, you see, you have to take your chances to get the one you want. I, of course, gamed the system and got them all in order to get the one I wanted. This leaves me with two that I don’t really need. And yet…they aren’t exactly the kind of thing that everyone enjoys…

If you happen to know someone that can use them, email me and one or both can come your way for that – er – deserving person. Perhaps it is just the stocking stuffer you were hoping to find.

And that nearly gets us up to date. Now, I hear that old Ford pulling up so…good night…

5 responses to “Catching Up

  1. Oh, Joan – what a lovely way to think about it! There *were* all lined up like soldiers, the sheep. Others bustling to smash their way in and get orderly. It was a very cool visual…

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