I think renaming Echelon to Facebook was possibly the most effective re-branding exercise ever.” — Matt Jones”
From here

The author of the quote later noted this.

I may use Facebook but it isn’t an accurate rendering. And the friends are few enough to not reveal more than I’d like. But even this commentary, posting on any site, is a revelation to any and all who care to look deeper.

Which reminds me of this find (Bell System Technical Journal, 1922-1983) that may one day be handy for a more…antiquated communication option.

4 thoughts on “Brilliant”

  1. By 1996, it was agreed among most of the most that alt.current-events.clinton.whitewater was being archived to CD every day by the FBI. In that administration, that was all it took: you were in the book.

    I posted my socialist insecurity number there, several times.

    They don't scare me, and it was about a month ago that I started asking if Facebook was reminding anyone of Usenet, yet.

    Me? I just carry on.

  2. You know, Billy, that OK City and Foster were the points at which I was pretty damn clear what was going on. Add in my associate's dalliance in Libyan dealings and the picture was painted clear and bright.

    Lies and damned lies from both sides. And the entire mess was based on who knew what when.

    Convenient deaths, downed craft, late night canoe trips…and we few – not at all safe from similar assignations. All that they've left us with is a “Come and take it” attitude.

    Which shall one day be their biggest mistake. I don't wish to hasten it, that terrible day. But I don't walk in ignorance of it, either. All this…”freedom”…can (and likely will be) ended with a simple drop of power.

    I trust none of them. And I assume they know when and where to find me if ever I become inconvenient enough.

  3. Oh Great! Now I have more light reading to do! Yes POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) is going down the tubes, but I really like it.

    Thanks for the link!

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