A Mercy

Billy proposes this and I concur entirely.

On the premise, then my answer is: “You take your time, in a hurry, and blow the little monster away right there where he stands, without a second thought.”

It isn’t up for debate, my life and my right to continue breathing in it.

Look here for more reason to stop considering these creatures to be “children”. They have more in common with rabid animals than human…

2 thoughts on “A Mercy”

  1. I tried to leave a simple comment on this and found that I couldn't without writing a thousand words.

    After several attempts, I'm left with this…

    There's something intrinsically wrong with our society when acts of brutal inhumanity are reduced to identifying the victims and attackers as members of one tribe or another.

    In some ways that's an appropriate, if politically expedient, explanation, but we all know those boys were going to brutalize somebody. The fat kid, the girl wearing glasses, the fat boy or shy bookworm – somebody was going to take on the chin from those violent assholes.

    Kids and adults of all stripes have always have been at the mercy of sociopathic bullies. Putting some holier than thou politically motivated spin on the inexplicable human tendency of a few fucked up individuals, who have a taste for senseless violence, is just stupid.

  2. Ah, Daphne…
    In the old days those kinds of children were KNOWN and not permitted access to good people. Sociopaths were hospitalized. Or found a quicker end after selecting the wrong victim.

    Now we are expected to call *them* victims and find some kind of empathy…

    I do not care who they selected as their target. Sadly, though, reporting on such matters demands one ignore the individual even though it was the individual who suffered.

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