Soft Touch

I hadn’t expected to be so moved by the Chilean miner coming to the surface in front of all the world in a media saturation that nearly dwarfs the moon missions. The slow, gentle greeting of a woman and a child who cannot fathom the world they are being subjected to…

One can see the hesitant pride in the faces of the workers, so happy to have a success for their efforts but knowing that a great deal more work lies ahead and a too-large pebble could halt it all.

But the wheel keeps spinning – the wheel sending the cable down, down to a stygian darkness and bringing them up to a rebirth of sorts in light, pure sweet light. It cannot help but remind me of a spinning wheel, weaving that cable into fate, a thin strand of hope moving into and out of a kind of purgatory.

Fate, bringing them to their lives from a stasis with a clanging like a farrier, forging their future.

What man can do…it is humbling.

2 thoughts on “Soft Touch”

  1. Eloquently stated, my friend.

    I didn't miss the yarny reference there, either.

    Are you to become a true fiber fanatic an spin us some wonderful yarns?

    Sorry, one track mind and all…

    ; )

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