Fun With Full Auto

Well, Trooper and his cohort had a fantastic time the other day, hosting Austin’s Film Council’s – or some such thing – at a full-auto event. Amusingly, Trooper had no idea who was “famous” and who was just in the business. So he assisted this gal with her selections, noting only that she was dressed in skin tight pants and had a naughty selection of language. Fun, fun, she was, though – loud and sassy.

She noted on her feed something akin to, “…was a silenced sniper rifle, didnt ask much about it, weighs 38 pounds Hot 500 yard range.”

He also was told later that this fellow was present. Not that Trooper would have known. Familiar face, he said of a few people, but I just figured I’d stopped them before. That’s my man…no one is famous to him.

He did mention that someone related to this movie was rather…intense. Seems she was enthralled with giving the targets the denigrating term for women – in her mind a specific woman, it would seem, that had done her wrong. She really like Trooper.

At any rate, it was a long day but the group was kind and gave the team a real gift – they got to shoot the hell out of a Nazi flag from the movie Inglourious Basterds. The team lined up, “Contact Front!” was called out and they all moved forward, letting loose. Impressive even to him, he said.

A lot of fun but it was bookended with a call that his grandma has had a massive stroke. It’s off to the Apalachian homeland soon as she isn’t expected to hold on very long, darling thing. What a blessing that he just saw her a few weeks ago, visited long hours…not much else to say, is there? Pleasures and sadness…life itself, distilled.

But it was one hell of a time.

3 responses to “Fun With Full Auto

  1. Thanks yous guys…it was so hard for Trooper – she was his favorite, having raised him for much of his early years. That place, her love, and her good cooking sustained him.

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