Nasty Bit of Business

I’ve nowhere else to put this and I cannot even put it clearly here but…there are some people who get into leadership roles who couldn’t lead an ant to a picnic. But worse are those who know it, don’t care, and actually delight in thwarting and denigrating their betters.

Honey, that doubled-salary and choice of duty in CCPD is looking better every fucking day.

Hmmm…I guess integrity isn’t really what DPS is looking for.

4 thoughts on “Nasty Bit of Business”

  1. Honey, It is in ALL departments. I know some damn good leaders and they are patrolmen who have no desire to climb the ranks. It is these men who the troops turn to when the shit hits the fan. Funny thing is, the command staff sometimes do also.

  2. Duplicity and dishonor are rampant in this entire country, now. It is as though we're throwbacks to a generation lost. I look around and am amazed at just how…awful people are.

    So I guess you're right – everywhere you go, there it is. And yes, Trooper happens to be one of those guys that everyone calls…from the local Podunk Chief to the other guys in the region. And perhaps there is comfort in that…I dunno.

    I get so angry when being decent and honest results in being worked over. But I cannot bring myself to play their game, either. Comfort, too, in taking a stand – drawing an line and saying that we will NOT be that way. It just doesn't pay well. LOL

  3. I always laugh when someone talks about “leadership training”. The concept is ludicrous. You can teach management, administration, organization and accounting, but you can't teach someone to be a leader. You either are inherently capable of leading or you are not.

    When we teach organization, we talk about various models of bureaucracy ranging from classic Weber to what is called the “Trash Can” model which recognizes what you point to, the dysfunctional organization in which the nominal boss is incompetent and everyone knows the “shadow” organizational chart in which a true leader but without the rank is the go-to guy/gal for a decision that requires leadership.

    Also see my discussion of Careerists and Warriors in “Palace Cobra”. Or the advice from Tooey Spaatz to Robin Olds regarding the four types of officers he will encounter in his career which we describe in “Fighter Pilot”.

    The one that counts is the man in the mirror every morning.

  4. I'll echo TG and Raz here Laura. I've been there and it's a hard place to be in.

    There comes a time when loyalty to a particular agancy is an exercise in frustration and futility. The choice then is to stay and be miserable or find a place where the conditions allow you to thrive in spite of the weasels who tend to drift upward in every organization.

    Tell Trooper that I've changed departments and while it was a pain it was ultimately the best career decision I ever made.

    Hang in there guys.

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