Fun With Full Auto

Well, Trooper and his cohort had a fantastic time the other day, hosting Austin’s Film Council’s – or some such thing – at a full-auto event. Amusingly, Trooper had no idea who was “famous” and who was just in the business. So he assisted this gal with her selections, noting only that she was dressed in skin tight pants and had a naughty selection of language. Fun, fun, she was, though – loud and sassy.

She noted on her feed something akin to, “…was a silenced sniper rifle, didnt ask much about it, weighs 38 pounds Hot 500 yard range.”

He also was told later that this fellow was present. Not that Trooper would have known. Familiar face, he said of a few people, but I just figured I’d stopped them before. That’s my man…no one is famous to him.

He did mention that someone related to this movie was rather…intense. Seems she was enthralled with giving the targets the denigrating term for women – in her mind a specific woman, it would seem, that had done her wrong. She really like Trooper.

At any rate, it was a long day but the group was kind and gave the team a real gift – they got to shoot the hell out of a Nazi flag from the movie Inglourious Basterds. The team lined up, “Contact Front!” was called out and they all moved forward, letting loose. Impressive even to him, he said.

A lot of fun but it was bookended with a call that his grandma has had a massive stroke. It’s off to the Apalachian homeland soon as she isn’t expected to hold on very long, darling thing. What a blessing that he just saw her a few weeks ago, visited long hours…not much else to say, is there? Pleasures and sadness…life itself, distilled.

But it was one hell of a time.

The Only Way

It came to me as I read this. And this.

No more children.

Give those women – hell, sorry – any girl over 10 – the choice to stop this bullshit instantly. You could call it an aphrodisiac and those disgusting fools would be all for it, handing you their dandled child with glee. Plug it in and give this whole damn thing a generation to unwind.

No progeny, no volunteers for murder, no children to become brides themselves.


What with work having tripled in a week, and other things getting out of hand, I’ll be going quiet for just a little bit – not that many will notice. Alas, the world does go on, no? Watch your six…

Nasty Bit of Business

I’ve nowhere else to put this and I cannot even put it clearly here but…there are some people who get into leadership roles who couldn’t lead an ant to a picnic. But worse are those who know it, don’t care, and actually delight in thwarting and denigrating their betters.

Honey, that doubled-salary and choice of duty in CCPD is looking better every fucking day.

Hmmm…I guess integrity isn’t really what DPS is looking for.

Pre-bay for Men

Well, Trooper has held onto these for a year or so though they are a tad small, I think. (Probably got them fresh out of academy when even his feet were smaller.)
44’s Euro/10 US – they are Ecco brand (about $200 new here). Fairly worn in places, they are NOT worn out – I suspect these were used on the motorcycle as I can see the wear spot on the left foot…
At any rate, donate what you see fit to Soldier’s Angels (or your pref’d organization) if they’ll fit you and let me know where to send them…damned fine boot with good life left.

Mendacious Bitches

Och, the name can apply to many these days but I am currently speaking of one very specific individual who has made my days hell. How in the hell does a supposed professional have a guy going to one of the largest geek-fests in the world and not get him a hotel booked in time?

You really think he’s going to just waltz right in a few weeks prior and get his usual premier lovin’? I have spent nearly a week getting the details from this utterly useless fool, and being given the run around by the guy about his registration. I finally just threw my hands in the air and logged in as him – yes, I’ll be there to host my little speech. No, I haven’t a clue if we are “global partners” of your database hegemony. Click this, that, update bio, blah blah. Done. I don’t want to hear a damned complaint when his inbox starts filling up with spam he doesn’t need.

Add to this someone who operates from PAPER. PAPER! We have the technology…we can build it…it’s called an Outlook Contact. For the love of hamsters and jam, people! She was scratching out old codes and handwriting new ones down in her little binder. Her binder…

Okay, okay – so, there’s been that. But the other lying whore is the vet who never even intimated that the worming agent would turn my dog’s ass into a damned shit fountain with randomly timed shows. WTF?! How is that stuff even legal?! Trooper joked that we could use her as a weapon, pointing her ass to the front and squeezing her belly. Oh, I can’t tell you how FOUL it has been. I now know why people with new babies sometimes just go sit in the car, alone. Every hour, all night long I rose to let her out to relieve her poor soul. After the 3a trip I decided Fuck It and let her stay out of her kennel. Really bad idea come about 4a.

There is a last one – though this bitch is the male variety…a good man passed away the other day…his power out, he thought to take a nap in his car – his giant slurpee at hand. He didn’t think, I guess, to open the garage. Perhaps he didn’t intend to fall asleep at all but he works 14 hour days and I suppose he was just so very tired. Within 24 hours of his death his only relative came and cleaned out his house of everything – his beloved cats we are unsure of – but has yet to call the funeral home to claim the body. Trooper used to play a game with him – sneak up on the little stop and shop gas station he worked at…he’d coast in blacked out, waiting for the guy to notice. He always won, too.

So there was a kind of 21 gun salute for the man – 21 stops that night and all of them made into fun experiences. One was an attractive female pathologist – he mulled that over and they looked at each other, “Dead People” they said. Dark humor took over as he prep’d the warning, jokes to and fro and her sharp intellect keeping up with ease. Another was a car full of older women, all dressed up and full makeup – seems there was to be a meeting of the minds with other good friends in town. But there was one lone 15 year old boy stuck in the back with the matrons. “How did you get stuck with all these women?” The boy smiled and shrugged. “You want to come with me for the night?” He declined the offer. “All right, then. You know your numbers, right? Well, I am putting YOU in charge of these women tonight. You keep them at the speed limit – 65. Not 65 in a 55.” By this time the womenfolk were all laughing hysterically, makeup ruined. The young man was grinning and as he left them with their warning, they were still parked there cackling and crying.

We’ll do what we can to get the man a decent funeral this weekend if his brother does nothing. The local banks can usually be relied upon to donate to good causes and we can cremate him if nothing else. I told Trooper that his ashes should be scattered as he drives down that highway that he watched every day. A kind of Trooper For A Day…

So it’s been a pretty shitty weekend all around and a crappy day thus far. About the only cure I have is some hard cider and a hard shower. It’s a crazy fucked up life in these parts, sometimes. There’s nothing for it but to find what joy you can, brief as it might be.

What the hell else can you do?