Not So Important

Trying to think of an appropriate title was difficult as I had a number of things lined up…but it might suffice.

It began with this post which indicated he hadn’t heard of Glenn Beck until recently – a thing which baffles me but I know the man is good and sincere so it must be true. He writes, “…We sometimes forget how great this nation is, today…” Bullshit! It most assuredly is NOT great – not in any sense of the word. Perhaps in great danger, yes. Can he seriously be so far out of touch with the matters of today that he cannot see the truth? I do not consider myself to be “fringe”. Rather, I am quite driven by fact and truth – what IS. Not what seems to be.

Billy hits this one straight and true re: the targeting of Glenn Beck, “…Of course, it wouldn’t do to simply offer to have him killed, which would be most un-civilized, and nevermind about all that “remove from the public eye forever” jazz: get your mind out of those concrete overshoes. No. It would suffice to have the witch burned metaphorically…”

You can see in that single action that what you are and what you prize are nothing to these people. Nothing. And do not think for a moment that Friedlander wouldn’t have Glenn’s ass up against a wall if he thought he could get someone else to pull the trigger for him. One only hopes that in this act Friedlander has forever blown his cover and he is now known far and wide for what he truly is.

Last night I was thinking on much – so many concerns these days and how to manage them all. I took refuge in this piece – a bit of stark beauty.

Lovely…it contrasted completely with the images I’d looked at earlier. Images that, even in their day, were considered too much to air. So much like the images of 9/11, no? Too much for the little people to deal with, we’ll just shunt it off into an archive. Or maybe just toss a mosque up – that’ll distract `em from all the nasty war dead.

Never Forget

A great deal of the history that you and I know is being erased from human memory. It will be as though it never happened. It is necessary in order for it all to take place once again without the initial feints being detectable, before that rotting scent is identified. Would that all children 13-18 were made to watch that – made to see the truth of what happens when ones desire to perfect a world is wrought against the will of those who do not make the cut. I would not be surprised to find several children in that grouping that are unaware that the event even took place.

Precursors…indicators…links within links…the sort of thing in this – admittedly lengthy – video is how I put things together. For no end, really. It is more of a scrap book of truths laid bare so that I can nod and say, “Yes, yes – I see…”

At approximately 1:05 you can see the “revolving door” from corporation to governmental leadership role and back again. You think you can vote your way out of this wreckage. In that slender space of 15 minutes you are able to see why it ain’t necessarily so. Would you have thought that people could move through a decade, looking ahead that far and moving their pieces on the chessboard to manage that future, maintain those contacts through one administration and another? It takes a special kind of liar to manage it. You have to be utterly without scruple. Because you have to either not care in the least or lie to yourself every day that you are doing the right thing.

And in the meanwhile the world keeps turning and we just keep on hoping that we have enough to eat and the internet stays up. Like that “thin blue line” there is another line – between those who are seriously considering what we face as a nation and those who figure they can tough it out and just reboot it in 2012. As if that will change a thing. As if there aren’t another set who’ve moved their pawns around for a decade, waiting for their turn.

None of it so important…none of it – not until it becomes your skin in the game, your pretty, precious living and breathing self against that wall. Just that by the time you find yourself there your options are winnowed down to one: dying well.

Good luck with that.

13 responses to “Not So Important

  1. Laura, how can a man, or a single Congress, make a great country un-great?

    I will ask you, then, to list the greatest country extant, and the greatest nation that ever was.

    I'll confess to no watching much Fox News, for the same reason that I don't watch much NPR or listen[ed] to Air America; I don't care for dramatic spin.

    I'm not happy with much of the direction that our nation is headed in, but my country –The United States Of America in 2010– is the greatest nation that has yet existed, to my knowledge.

    Care to prove me wrong? I'm all ears.

  2. I am trying to find words that are right and clear so excuse me if I fall short.

    I KNOW you are good. I know you care deeply for the country that you love. It was never my intent to impune that as my words here stated.

    This nation is falling apart. It may have been great before. However, it has been handed over and entrusted to people who have no intention of ensuring it is a great nation – quite the opposite. They want us equal to or subbordinate. Brought low. And it isn't merely one man. Nor one congress. It is filthy from the top down with only a smattering of honest, trustworthy sorts.

    Look at the laws being passed – GPSes without warrants? Is that freedom? Is that what a great nation does to its people?

    I shall try to write a better post, a more delineated one, to answer for my less than satisfying – well – answer. You deserve it.

  3. The problem with Beck is…he won't vote. If he won't get in the game, than he has no say…fucking coward. No doubt, he's a smart guy, but he's exactly what this country doesn't need. People like him are the problem. We need people who care about the future, and the only way to have a say so about where we're heading is to get involved. I'm sick of listening to all these people with opinions that are on the outside looking in and won't take a side. The fact is, to win, you have to take a side. It might not be the side you believe in 100%, but sometimes you have to make a choice. Sad, but true…people must choose a side. Right, wrong, or indifferent…in America, we only have two political choices. I wish it wasn't so, but it is the way it is. People who don't vote for their future, one way or the other, have no say. They can bitch and complain all they want, but they'll never make a difference…and difference is what we need. If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. Sorry, it's a two sided coin. We do not live in a perfect world.

    If you vote, you can bitch and complain all you want, but if you don't vote, you've lost.

    Sometimes you might have many choices, and you don't agree with any, but you have to choose one. If you don't choose, you can't play the game.

    This is not directed at you, Laura.

  4. Yabu, I understand. But – mind you – I am not a voter, either. And my reason is very simple: it has been a VERY long time since the voting process and results were actually factual, clean, honest, and confirmed.

    There is voting fraud from one end of the country to the other. ACORN's bust in the matter was merely them getting clumsy. It means no matter my vote it has been canceled a thousand times by cheaters. It is a losing battle.

    But then look here. What are you doing except giving people permission to take your earnings at the point of a gun? I had this argument with an associate who loves Obamacare. “Take my money from ME. Right fucking now. From my purse. No? It's easier when someone else does, isn't it?”

    You are voting to have other people decide what freedoms you shall be permitted and when. You are voting to give them the ability to take the product of your sweat and tears and do with it what THEY think best.

    Vote – do! If it makes you feel better, DO! But please at least admit that the system is now fatally flawed. Admit it at least…

    [Addendum for Legal: my husband does not agree with any/all of my stances in many matters noted here. We debate very often. With love.]

  5. “Look at the laws being passed – GPSes without warrants? Is that freedom? Is that what a great nation does to its people?”

    I of course don't agree with the GPS ruling, and I am certain that will be overturned.

    But you think such can make a great country less than great? We have a process, and we will overcome it. If by nothing else, we will pass laws to stop it, because we don't agree with it.

    When was this nation great?

    Was that before the 2nd Amendment was declared by the SCOTUS to be an individual right? Was that before black folk were allowed to go to school where they wanted, or drink from the same water fountains as whites? Was that before we realized that the best way to incorporate land to your country might not be to kill or kidnap the indigenous peoples?

    Suggest a greater nation, ever.

  6. @Laura…still friends? I hope so, because I truly understand your view, I just disagree.

    I believe there will be no change unless we start at the bottom, and climb up. We're about at the bottom, now. Doing something is better than doing nothing. We need a revitalized Republic, but, I believe, the only way we can accomplish this is to play by the current rules. People like you and I, can't win…unless we get in the game. I don't like the rules anymore than you do. Our country is in dire straits. There is still a chance this can be turned around. We have to live in the present.

    I'm just a Patriot that believes in freedom and values…and I'm not giving up. I will fight to the end. Do me a favor…just vote against our current administration…it won't hurt, and it might make a positive difference. Sad, but we only have two choices. I think we need to vote 'em all out, but the only way we can be successful, is to vote. No vote…no win. I've never been interested in politics, until now. I'm worried about the future of my woman (you've met her)and my dog.

  7. “Suggest a greater nation, ever.”

    That is simply not good enough.

    Let me point out something to you people: there was once a time when every other nation on earth compared itself to America. If you don't know what it means that that standard is now reversed and we are reduced to comparing America to every other nation on earth — or every other nation that has ever been (“Hooray! At least we're not tenth century Bulgars!”) — then I say you are ethically disqualified from these judgments.

  8. @ Billy Beck

    I am not dead wrong, and I can think, and I'm entitled to my opinion, as you are.

    You're arrogant, but no doubt a very intelligent well read man.

    Since you've never explained, at all, why it is better not to vote, than it is to vote…put up a post on your site with your analysis. Send me an email when you have it up. I want to understand if a lowly non-thinker, like myself, can be converted to the Billy Beck doctrine. Unless I'm missing something, the United States of America is governed by the people who vote. Only the voters have any say-so about the future of our country. Maybe you should run for a political office, but you'd have vote.

    Personally, I think we should vote 'em all out…both sides. I believe the government is corrupt, and I believe we need some major changes. I have a problem with the federal government controlling state rights, etc…I have a problem with people whose choose not to participate, and are critical of the people choose to get involved in their future.

    I'm serious, put your money where your mouth is…and explain to me why I should not vote. What could be beneficial to me, to not vote? Reality vs. Philosophy.

    This is a challenge from me to you.

    Put your post up…

    Cogito ergo sum

  9. @ Billy Beck Beck.

    Make your point…explain it to me. You don't like how our government makes choices, MOVE somewhere else. If you can't stand behind your guns…get the fuck out. MOVE somewhere else. You can bitch and complain all you want, but the fact of the matter is…you're not helping yourself…and you are not helping anyone else. You're a fucking pussy. I would not want you on my side when the chips are down. Come on man, explain to me why it is better not to vote. Explain it to a person is who is incapable of thinking. I have never turned down a challenge, Make no mistake, I'm a man of honor. I admit when I'm wrong, and I don't gloat when I'm right. Never doubt that. So, answer the challenge. Kinda like a duel without guns. I'm calling you out. Explain to me why it's better if I do not vote. Simple question.

    Honorable men and woman never run from controversy. If you don't respond, you're running.

    So again, explain it to me…don't run away.

  10. Life is hectic, what with Trooper gone, and I am still composing my own follow-up post but I might recommend that people read Billy's blog – use the search feature and look for things like “Voting”.

    He has been doing this for decades. He has answered these same questions over and over again. Perhaps he needs a cut and paste cheat sheet for these situations.

    Regardless, I hope that you will avail yourself of the content of his blog. It truly is all there, unvarnished.

    As for the nature of his correspondence? Polite to a fault when the discourse remains in that light. Bravado bores him. Facts and logic soothe. Such is my advice – take it or not as it pleases any of you…

  11. To begin with: I'm not going anywhere. I didn't take that “love it or leave it” *bullshit* from the likes of Spiro Agnew, and you count for even less.

    And I know a Pearls Before Swine Moment when I see one. Go yammer at someone else, kid.

    Good luck at the polls.

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