Mad Dogs and Long Hauls

Trooper is off to visit his brother back east, having motored 915 miles in about 15 hrs – thanks, Alabama, for that hour delay for a single vehicle wreck in the emergency lane, non-blocking. A friend took care of the WX updates, threading him around cell after cell of storms.

I think tomorrow they’ll have this in mind – wonder how the Electra Glide will run through it (real fun starts at 4:00m).

And then…egads, I dread how much I’ll have to hear about it later…the KISS concert, front and center. No, I am not a fan. I am quite ambivalent.

Most of my time is spent going outside with the dogs to permit them space for this activity. Ranger has finally figured out which end is which when is comes to his…romantic affections. I suspect he hasn’t been a complete success (not that it matters since he is “fixed”) but it is amusing to see him being so “manly”.

As you can see, they play their wolfy dominance games and it looks (and sounds) ferocious but it very rarely gets out of hand – usually when Kota has had enough and snaps back at him with sincere warning.

She remains my constant companion and is learning that she cannot paw at me with full strength (enough to slice a tiny bit off my lip recently – which found me launching full on her, hands in ruff and teeth on neck to make clear who is the queen bitch in this pack). We mash her giant paw in our hand with firmness – enough to get the point across. It has worked wonders.

Nicknamed the Giant Leaper, she can easily – flat footed – jump nearly 5 foot high with hardly any effort. It is stunning, really, to see her be suddenly at eye height without warning. And it is a reminder of what she is under that pretty Husky coat. (BTW, this pic is how I think of her when my back is turned…)

And so we three wait for Trooper’s return, caring for things neglected rather than being restless. The time will pass soon enough. Absence making the heart grow fonder and all that..

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