The Handsome Fellows Have It Right

I have, since Billy once said it, agreed that marriage is a private contract and not up to the interference or approval of anyone. If you want it to be “sanctified” in a church, have at it. Don’t want your church to allow gay marriage? Okey dokey. Insurance company doesn’t want to recognize it? Fine – some company will and they will get that profitable business. The gentlemen have it pegged in this snippet.

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2 thoughts on “The Handsome Fellows Have It Right”

  1. When we convoluted a religious ceremony traditionally “sanctified” in a church with clergy, with legal rights to inheritance, benefits, medical info sharing, etc. we took a giant step on the path of mayhem.

  2. It seems to me that objections to gay marriage stem from two sources: 1) biblical reference; and 2) the right to inheritance.

    In the first, the beliefs of all Christian sects are based upon the writings and teachings of the New Testament of the Holy Bible which deems homosexuality a sin and an abomination. If you have been raised as a Christian, your belief structure strengthened by bible teachings, you are going to be conflicted with what your logical mind may tell you, and what you were taught relative to homosexuality. Devout Christians aren't going to change their minds about homosexuality being a sin. The enlightened Christian, that is, the person who's moved away from church teachings the farthest may have softened on the subject, change their minds enough to permit themselves to live and let live, to not interfere in the lives of others; however, that is not guaranteed. That person may still believe it is wrong to be homosexual, and even more wrong for homosexual persons of the same sex to marry. People who have fallen away from church altogether, or were never churched as children and young adults, have chosen the secular path, are more likely to personally accept homosexual marriage.

    On the second, the right of inheritance, I think is the nub of the whole flap. If you are biblically minded then you can not marry someone of the same sex, period; nor can you by dint of civil union inherit your partners estate and wealth. And, to that extent, can not be covered as a spouse for insurance purposes, both medical and succession. If you are of the secular school, then there is no reason to prohibit same sex marriage, as it is not forbidden in law, except in the states that have recently amended their states' laws to specifically prohibit; and, homosexual spouse survivors of the deceased in same sex marriage are legally entitled to inheritance.

    All that is what my logical mind tells me both pro and con. Now, what do you tell the grown children, or even minor children, conceived by homosexual partners before they joined in marriage, and/or civil union? Whether you like it or not, Johnny, your Dad left all his worldly goods and all his money to Ralph, or George, or whatever his name is! Yes! That's exactly what you tell Johnny, because the very same result can occur when Dad marries some other woman than Johnny's Mom, and leaves all his worldly goods and wealth to her.

    Helluva pickle, don't you think? The ramifications of same sex marriage, or civil unions, whatever, are broad. But, here's the question everyone needs to answer for themselves. What business is it of mine what others want to do with their lives, so long as they don't mess with me?

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