Remember "This Is War"

The Ghost hits it squarely once again.

iv – Regarding claims our opposition to the mosque is intolerant. This is the important objection, the stumbling block. Even those who concede the mosque itself is a monument to intolerance (“Racist!”) prattle on about our virtue and how it compels us to a yet greater act of tolerance. We must allow the project to go ahead, they say, lest we become that which we oppose.

This isn’t even wrong. This is to miss the point entirely.

This is war. Not a crime. Not a desert raid by deniable non-state actors. This is war with “Saudi” Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, a variety of state and non-state proxies for the above and several millions of fifth columnists, fellow travellers and Americans-in-name-only, traitors with American passports.

Just so.

2 thoughts on “Remember "This Is War"”

  1. Lemons are great for making lemonade:
    1.) We'll know where they are.
    2.) They will consume huge amounts for defending their site.
    3.) They will be easy to monitor.
    4.) Surveillance will be a snap.
    5.) It will be a continual reminder of who they are and what they seek.
    6.) They may be subject to property taxes depending upon whether or not they are classified as a church.
    7.) Great propaganda tool to “compare and contrast” attitudes toward others.

  2. I cannot quite agree with you – no one in the decision line to perform surveillance wants it done. I would not be surprised to find some satellite views edited after a time…

    Of course, as Trooper says, good luck to them if they happen to have a fire. FDNY is so very very busy…

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