Always Present

This would be Kota’s constant state if I let her rule me as she thinks fair.

She has latched onto me in a way that shadows Ranger’s connection and it does serve to create little battles between them. I don’t know how to describe it but it is more primal in nature. While he would follow me room to room he could let go and sleep.

Kota hates to sleep and surrenders only when her body absolutely cannot manage another moment.
Today I was cursing the Chemlawn guy – she’d just settled in her kennel for an hour when he was at the door, knocking. So much for the quiet interlude…add in the look of dismay on the guys’ face at our parched lawn and you can imagine how I did the head tilt of silent “don’t you dare judge me, you bastard”. Also, I imagined letting Kota chew on his ankle.

She has steadily grown so that she is now quite Rangers match. They have both found this stuff easily palatable without any additional wet food. I just wish I could get a decent photo of her coat. When we got her it was like dry wool but it’s now a sleek, smooth, and glistening blackness. Her snout is turning into a very strong wolf-like profile with the characteristic hump. And those teeth – twice as big as Rangers and with strange large molars…yes, she needs frequent chewing distractions. This is actually a decent option. They each have one, of course.

Kota demands a firm hand. Much more excitable, she presses you, looking for any weakness because she wants to be in charge. Trooper takes her every morning for a 3 mile run and she just lopes right along, keeping up with him and leaves her very calm after…I shall have to find another option for them when he is on nights. She is ready to go at 6a.

There are times when she is a bit aloof – especially if you reprimand her or prevent her from doing what she wishes. It doesn’t last but now and then she puts on airs. Herein, evidence of same. With perhaps just a glimpse of that pelt rippling.

I often wonder if I am capable of managing her. And I worry if Ranger will ever be unable to keep her in check – I intercede if I think the mock-battle goes too far or she gets over-excited by it. But he is wise and will bring her a toy to pull on or a stick to gnaw on, distracting her. In the house he has taught her the chase game that we played with him – running into one room and he follows full-bore. Now he gets her to chase, knowing that she will get tired and lay down a time after.

I know that it was the right thing to do – bringing her home. I just need to practice the calm control she needs…easier said than done some days. And the skating…if I can skate fast enough I might just be able to keep her tired. That, or break a limb. My limb, I mean. And then she can gnaw on it as we wait for the ambulance.

7 responses to “Always Present

  1. Got a treadmill?

    Yep, I'd say you've got your hands full with that one, but she seems like a happy pooch and her coat is quite lovely, too. 🙂

    wv: milible
    a tiny little male bovine?

  2. You absolutely did the right thing by her and she is repaying you with that constant watchful devotion that doesn't render abject affection so much as constant vigilance. Just like a two legged person I know.

  3. Hey, DW – yep, that treadmill may be a good solution if I can get her to learn how to use it. Good idea…

    B, I may need to print that out and keep it handy when she infuriates me. I will have to remind myself – it is “constant vigilance” and “devotion”, not “torment mom”. It does make it better to think that way…

  4. Since you've gone with a grain free food, I wonder if you've looked into giving her raw food? The research I've done seems to indicate that dogs handle raw bones well (NOT cooked bones) and that, too, might help alleviate the chewing instinct she has. She's beautiful, and you can see she's still young.

    Because you care, and because you think about her needs and are proactive in her training, I bet she will settle in for you, and one day you will laugh about your worry:) I think she's lucky to have found your family

  5. We looked into raw food for Ranger when we got him but it was expensive. They do get frozen raw bones though as a treat. Large bison knuckles that they gnaw on even weeks later when there is nothing left.

    But you remind me that I need to restock…

    It is amazing just how much she has changed since we got her. She was a scraggly, fearful thing, unused to indoors. And now she is entirely at home, barking only when you purposefully ignore her and only stare at her. Such a sharp, sudden and loud bark, it always gives me a start.

    Dang but she's adorable…

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