The Most Irksome Aspect…

…of possible unemployment is that every single log-in error, server denial, and technical glitch gives you new jitters and “what if”‘s.

Keeping my nose clean and my inbox emptied, meanwhile.

2 thoughts on “The Most Irksome Aspect…”

  1. Probably not a bad idea…remember though, when you download an email message to your local in-box and delete it…it does not mean it's gone from your host. Once you hit enter or left click, online, someone already has your stuff. Probably is deleted, but there is no guarantee. I've been on the “hosting” side before. It's too easy to keep everything…storage is cheep. Food for thought.

  2. Oh, I know nothing is gone for good and that unless you are spoofing IP and using all manner of inaccurate info that nothing is gone/safe for good.

    I just don't want to that frenzied 8 hrs to get all my stuff taken care of thing.

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