Reality – You Speak It?

Oh, Billy would love this…forgive the long quote but it was just too delicious to cut.

“It’s a fence. Its real purpose — in real-world, real-time reality — is to halt people from crossing a border. A real border, mind you, although on that point I concede a border is a more abstract concept than, say, a shoe.

It doesn’t symbolically represent a division between the countries. It actually is a division between the countries.

And what is wrong with that?

I’m noting this because a few weeks ago I saw a guy at the riots in Toronto who complained that the police barricades were a symbol representing a division between the protesters and the G-20 representatives.

And I thought, “Gee, no, actually it’s not a symbol of a division; it really is, in fact, a physical division.” Because, see, you’re rioting. (And not symbolically in riot, either.) You can tell it’s a real-world division because now you can’t get to the G-20 conference center and throw rock-metaphors through the window-symbols.”

As for the south? You would not believe the emails Trooper gets – the “Heads Up, Gentlemen” messages with photos attached. There is a reason I carry everywhere

4 responses to “Reality – You Speak It?

  1. It is amazing the way that “they” think. And, unfortunately they have indoctrinated a couple of generations to thing in the same muddled manner. When we discuss illegal immigration in my state/local government class, you would be surprised at the number who see no value in a border fence. They postulate that since it won't be 100% effective it must be 0% effective–without acknowledging how difficult it is to trample their neighbor's grass inside his fenced yard.

  2. Ed, I have no idea how you manage to even look at those in your audience…

    As I recall, it was quite silent and all stood, hats in hand, at the anthem. The opening of horse riders ended with this lovely lass riding through them all followed by the anthem…but you're right. This was the time to stand…

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