Not So Important

Trying to think of an appropriate title was difficult as I had a number of things lined up…but it might suffice.

It began with this post which indicated he hadn’t heard of Glenn Beck until recently – a thing which baffles me but I know the man is good and sincere so it must be true. He writes, “…We sometimes forget how great this nation is, today…” Bullshit! It most assuredly is NOT great – not in any sense of the word. Perhaps in great danger, yes. Can he seriously be so far out of touch with the matters of today that he cannot see the truth? I do not consider myself to be “fringe”. Rather, I am quite driven by fact and truth – what IS. Not what seems to be.

Billy hits this one straight and true re: the targeting of Glenn Beck, “…Of course, it wouldn’t do to simply offer to have him killed, which would be most un-civilized, and nevermind about all that “remove from the public eye forever” jazz: get your mind out of those concrete overshoes. No. It would suffice to have the witch burned metaphorically…”

You can see in that single action that what you are and what you prize are nothing to these people. Nothing. And do not think for a moment that Friedlander wouldn’t have Glenn’s ass up against a wall if he thought he could get someone else to pull the trigger for him. One only hopes that in this act Friedlander has forever blown his cover and he is now known far and wide for what he truly is.

Last night I was thinking on much – so many concerns these days and how to manage them all. I took refuge in this piece – a bit of stark beauty.

Lovely…it contrasted completely with the images I’d looked at earlier. Images that, even in their day, were considered too much to air. So much like the images of 9/11, no? Too much for the little people to deal with, we’ll just shunt it off into an archive. Or maybe just toss a mosque up – that’ll distract `em from all the nasty war dead.

Never Forget

A great deal of the history that you and I know is being erased from human memory. It will be as though it never happened. It is necessary in order for it all to take place once again without the initial feints being detectable, before that rotting scent is identified. Would that all children 13-18 were made to watch that – made to see the truth of what happens when ones desire to perfect a world is wrought against the will of those who do not make the cut. I would not be surprised to find several children in that grouping that are unaware that the event even took place.

Precursors…indicators…links within links…the sort of thing in this – admittedly lengthy – video is how I put things together. For no end, really. It is more of a scrap book of truths laid bare so that I can nod and say, “Yes, yes – I see…”

At approximately 1:05 you can see the “revolving door” from corporation to governmental leadership role and back again. You think you can vote your way out of this wreckage. In that slender space of 15 minutes you are able to see why it ain’t necessarily so. Would you have thought that people could move through a decade, looking ahead that far and moving their pieces on the chessboard to manage that future, maintain those contacts through one administration and another? It takes a special kind of liar to manage it. You have to be utterly without scruple. Because you have to either not care in the least or lie to yourself every day that you are doing the right thing.

And in the meanwhile the world keeps turning and we just keep on hoping that we have enough to eat and the internet stays up. Like that “thin blue line” there is another line – between those who are seriously considering what we face as a nation and those who figure they can tough it out and just reboot it in 2012. As if that will change a thing. As if there aren’t another set who’ve moved their pawns around for a decade, waiting for their turn.

None of it so important…none of it – not until it becomes your skin in the game, your pretty, precious living and breathing self against that wall. Just that by the time you find yourself there your options are winnowed down to one: dying well.

Good luck with that.

Mad Dogs and Long Hauls

Trooper is off to visit his brother back east, having motored 915 miles in about 15 hrs – thanks, Alabama, for that hour delay for a single vehicle wreck in the emergency lane, non-blocking. A friend took care of the WX updates, threading him around cell after cell of storms.

I think tomorrow they’ll have this in mind – wonder how the Electra Glide will run through it (real fun starts at 4:00m).

And then…egads, I dread how much I’ll have to hear about it later…the KISS concert, front and center. No, I am not a fan. I am quite ambivalent.

Most of my time is spent going outside with the dogs to permit them space for this activity. Ranger has finally figured out which end is which when is comes to his…romantic affections. I suspect he hasn’t been a complete success (not that it matters since he is “fixed”) but it is amusing to see him being so “manly”.

As you can see, they play their wolfy dominance games and it looks (and sounds) ferocious but it very rarely gets out of hand – usually when Kota has had enough and snaps back at him with sincere warning.

She remains my constant companion and is learning that she cannot paw at me with full strength (enough to slice a tiny bit off my lip recently – which found me launching full on her, hands in ruff and teeth on neck to make clear who is the queen bitch in this pack). We mash her giant paw in our hand with firmness – enough to get the point across. It has worked wonders.

Nicknamed the Giant Leaper, she can easily – flat footed – jump nearly 5 foot high with hardly any effort. It is stunning, really, to see her be suddenly at eye height without warning. And it is a reminder of what she is under that pretty Husky coat. (BTW, this pic is how I think of her when my back is turned…)

And so we three wait for Trooper’s return, caring for things neglected rather than being restless. The time will pass soon enough. Absence making the heart grow fonder and all that..

Skippy Gear

In a hunt for something completely different I happened upon the Skippy Zazzle site. Now, if you are not familiar with Skippy’s list – well, where they hell have you been?! Fine – go here. For those who are familiar, go here and get something.

I happen to be fond of the Bacon! shirt, myself…

Ah, yes, the heady early days of the internet…my favs on the list? Impossible to pick but…

33. Not allowed to chew gum at formation, unless I brought enough for everybody.
34. (Next day) Not allowed to chew gum at formation even if I *did* bring enough for everybody.


I’ve always said that the motivations and intentions behind what people do is what I look to first. Anything else can disguise or distract. No matter how much I’d like to join in on the “religious freedom” wagon with the WTC mosque , it feels wrong. We must look beneath that veneer of “religion” and see it for what it is. What it has always been. Joan strikes at it here. But here, too, is a look underneath that construct – The Shariah Index Project. Why is this not our last straw?

More disturbing is this snippet:

“…Representatives from the Gallup Organization governance index pioneer, Dr. Robert Rotberg, joined the discussion by phone on the second day. Following these conversations with rating and indexing specialists, the scholars worked to finalize the index, including its methodology and measurable indicators [ie, Shariah Index 4.0]. …After the formal meetings concluded, Cordoba staff worked one-on-one with a number of the scholars, soliciting additional information requested by the ratings experts prior to their formal work on the Index as well about the Indexing methodology and the book, with significant work with Gallup and Dr. Rotberg”

Interestingly, it appears that the same good doctor worked on a little symposium for this . And guess who else is involved in same? Sara Sewall who just happened to be, “…one of candidate Barack Obama’s foreign policy advisers and subsequently worked for the Obama transition, overseeing program review in the national security area, including the Department of State, DoD, DHS, foreign assistance, and Intelligence Community agencies; founder and Faculty Director of the Mass Atrocity Response Operations (MARO) Project, a collaborative effort between the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy, and the U.S. Army Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute…”

An interesting dive into that PKSOI site revealed this paper, drafted by these guys about Transitional Law Enforcement. Now, for it being couched in terms of international relations and support of Mass Atrocity Response, it sure does seem to reference the use of U.S. Military (or Federal forces) to enforce U.S. civilian law (see pgs 9 and 14+) an awful lot. If I were to draft a paper on how to halt a rebellion in the United States, I would probably try to disguise it a bit, too. (Yes, of course Noetic managed to get a huge crumb of the future Carbon Capture/Credit con. Why do you ask?)

Motivationsintentions…peel away the covers and look deeper. Strand after strand in the web that covers this madness. You will see that the emperor has no clothes. There is nothing to stand economies in the world upon. They must come up with something and thus far the need for oil holds firm. But the commodity is held in the hands of mad fools so they will bargain with them.

“Whatever you like, Sahib – build as you wish. While they look over there, we’ll put these outlets in over here, and ensure that this venture moves along. After all, we’ve nearly paid off all those union pensions. Well, the taxpayers have. It was a nice slush fund while it lasted, no?” And that – just that smallest little piece – doesn’t even begin to touch the thing. Connections – they have always intrigued me. And they are now so safe that they feel no need to hide them.

Expect horrible things if we try too hard to be free. They are making plans, you see. Have been for a very long time. Ignore the magicians waggling hand and look to the one he has tucked away as it holds the truth. Misdirection is a sign.


Once upon a time it was understood – to hold a “vigil”. A devotional watching, Wiki says. Devoted, yes. But a monitoring, too – an overwatch, as it were, of what matters to you. These days one finds the ubiquitous candlelight vigil held for practically every cat that kinks his tail. It has lost, I think, its deeper meaning. It is to do without a thing – rest, ease, comfort – in order to ensure something is noted, cared for.

Many of us are keeping a vigil on the Republic. We may not be able to do more than that. We may only find the smallest of chances to do so – to give that cover to the others in the field.
Thus, this. Note the hoo-ah when things get a bit too tight in the chest and that arm just a bit too heavy, bless him.

Leave it to the Marines to do it so smartly, so quietly, with so much dignity.