Texas CHL – Get One

When I was considering getting my CHL Trooper found this video to give me an idea of how easy it would be compared to my huge fear of the process. I used this group for the test – very professional but you are expected to know your way around the weapon.

If you’ve been debating the process, stop – get the funds together and apply online (easier if you ask me than filling them out by hand). It is not that difficult. And very, very comforting to have that weapon with you everywhere…

5 responses to “Texas CHL – Get One

  1. Is this currently in process or after the fact? After ten years with my Colorado CCW, I moved here and had to go through the TX CCW exercise–considerably more complicated. In CO, it was one-stop shopping at the County building (military DD-214 covered qualification and gun safety course requirement).

    I enjoyed the TX course immediately–had a good instructor, former LEO with lots of common sense. Photo, fingerprints, forms, shooting, all handled in a one day exercise. Then it took the state SIX full months to actually issue the permit.

    Reason for delay? “We haven't got our background check back” From whom? “Can't tell you” “Don't know” “My supervisor will handle it…”

    Finally with ten days before the mandatory issue deadline which is six months by law, TX returned my fingerprint cards and said “re-do”.

    It wasn't a smooth road.

  2. I have already acquired mine if that was your meaning. They've farmed out the prints but my understanding is the svc is quite reliable – two different people have used them and reported good experiences. I got my passport pics via my AAA office.

    The app online had my filled-out papers in hand within about 10 days. Those were taken to the class with me, finished, signed by trainers, etc. The photos, pics, and forms are then sent in for processing. My suspicion is that the online forms are neater and easier to process and may move more quickly.

    I had my card(without any “friend of DPS” aid I have to say) within about 5 wks. I DID drop my packet at the DPS office in-town but I am not sure that saved me more than a day or so of processing.

    Previously, the backgrounds were handled by troopers who were req'd to do them while maintaining their work duties, etc. It was a serious beotch to do it properly. Many were less than enthused, I am certain, and probably slacked. Too, I expect a larger city DPS dept wouldn't consider it a priority. Trooper considered his to be a public svc of great importance and tried to knock them out ASAP. He was not sorry to see the duty leave them, though.

    So, the road is smoother with a good class/test group. It was certainly an ALL DAY event as the class is supposed to be two days…but they don't baby you and they expect you to do your part. I do not think they are allowed to do prints themselves, anymore…

  3. In NC, they call it a CCH. I got mine in 3 weeks. Reciprocal in 30 or so states. Same as Texas. I do know for a background check, they, at least, query the local police department records, the police department records of the city and state where you were born and raised , the (State Bureau of Investigation), and the FBI in DC. The background checks are quite thorough…which is a good thing. They also check with state mental facilities to see if you have anything on record that might disqualify you from having a permit. They pretty much cover all the bases. As best they can.

    A friend (lawyer) of mine told me, if you want a complete background check…apply for a concealed carry handgun permit.

    You're right…better to have one than not, even if you don't carry. As I think I've mentioned before, the applications for CCH are up 250% in my neck of the woods.

  4. The CHL's are way up here in TX, also. Hence, the farming out of the prints and moving the process from the Troopers.

    Thus far, the turn-around is pretty decent. Likely to slow a bit as the apps increase. I do wish there was an open carry option, though.

  5. The times are changing for sure. I personally know the Sheriff in my county, and he believes that every American citizen should be allowed to carry open or concealed, without a permit of any kind. He believes the right to keep and bear arms is in the Constitution. I guess it depends on how the 2nd amendment is interpreted…but I can almost guarantee you he'll be reelected.

    The people are pissed.

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