Gifts of Matrimonial Bliss

It was our anniversary the other day and I’d managed to find just the thing for him…

Awhile back he’d emailed this fellow about a knife he’d always wanted. I don’t think Trooper ever followed up on it – but I kept the information stashed away. It came in handy…

The gentleman was so kind…very no-nonsense but so very polite and highly responsive. I cannot say enough….if you are in the market for a very nice knife, please consider his offerings…

What’s that? What did I get? Well, I told Trooper I want one of these. But he’ll have to build it. For now I told him a wireless router would be fine…got this one. It is currently taking up space and blinking lights at me. But it isn’t wirelessly functional. And I am no longer geeky enough to figure out why.

So…all in all it’s been a nice anniversary this year. Now, if I can just get that damned router to work…

5 responses to “Gifts of Matrimonial Bliss

  1. NICE. I always got a bottle of perfume when what I REALLY wanted was a few new magazines (and not the paper variety).

    Best to the both of you.

  2. Nice blade… I can also help with your router if need be. I'm certain it's a small configuration adjustment…no big deal…you just need to know where to look.

    Cool Runnings!!

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