Real Damned Nazis

At minute 13 you can see the dissembling bastards tearing apart the solemn rights of an individual to be left the fuck alone.

With malice and forethought.

Every one of them should, one day, face a real trial by live fire. Not face an innocent man who intended them no harm but deal with serious motherfuckers intent on them not going home again. Ever.

THAT might make clear to them who the enemy is. THAT might show them WHY people have the right to defend themselves any way they damned well prefer.

Furious…utterly furious that pieces of shit like those are permitted the honor of a badge when they have no honor. NONE. God help us if they have any kids. Can you imagine the morals those are being raised up with? Get a badge, make shit up, take what you want, and ruin a man. Because it’s FUN! Giggle, snort.

BTW, I wonder how many rounds they’ve put through that man’s weapons already? Or maybe they’ve been “lost”?

7 responses to “Real Damned Nazis

  1. I got Glenn Reynolds to print my comments about this very problem and his lame-ass answer was, Hmmm. And then, Ham radio.


    The boat is almost ready for her first sail!

  2. I see his mention of a Floridian incident – is that the one you speak of? This is a Cali incident.

    The face-palm still applies.

    You cannae sail the thing withou' a name…

  3. I have cross linked and words fail me on this one. As another blogger asks: “Is the Bill of Rights in the dumpster behind the Capitol building?”

    I am not LEO, but work around them in an ancillary role. Your words far surpass my contempt for this matter and rightly so.

    Thanks for posting this!

  4. Thx, K – it astounds me that this sort of thing continues to happen. Mind you, sheriff dept's are more prone to it – we see it now and again. But there was nothing to warrant what was seen there.

    Yabu, I do hope that girl was schooled to ignore the advice she was given and to always remove herself from the danger FIRST. Sometimes kids need a bit more assurance – had to promise my stepdaughter when she was young that it was OK to smash the window to get out if that was her safest route of escape. We sometimes forget they haven't processed the information that way…

  5. I Have been and continue to be a supporter of Sheriff's Departments, LEO, they are our first, best line of defense against Leviathan; but, these guys shake my beliefs to the core.

    Now, we have no line of defense, when it is our defenders who are the menace, the predators.

    You know what's really bad? Stuff like this is eventually going to get lots and lots of cops killed. When the SHTF, that's who's going to be coming for people, the Law, and that's who's going to face the wrath of the citizenry in full force and in fury.

    Those oathbreakers have no idea the damage they've done to themselves and to us; and, good cops and bad will pay for their sins.

  6. Ahab, you've put it quite nicely. It will be difficult enough without knowing who you can trust on the line…

    I can only hope their more innocent brethren will see them for the danger they present and deal with it themselves.

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