“…perhaps, after all, we who have inhabited this island fortress for an unbroken thousand years, brought up, as he said, within the sound of English bird song under the English oak, in the English meadow, beneath the red cross of St. George, it is us who know most of England.

Do we allow them to sell our heritage? Or is it time for us to speak? To speak, to refuse them the right to give away our holy, or bountiful, our only England that has, that has nurtured us, naked, grown us as the oak. Is it time for us that England know to come yet again and defend our country? With our fire, our fists?Is it time for us sons to rise again?I say yes. I say yes. I say… Yes.”

The Ghost, bless him ever, has given this to us.

Never think that you cannot be made to look just as criminal…stacking the decks of various forces is already taking place. Alliances made, training acquired…and all those good people will look around in terrible surprise to find themselves quite alone on that moral high ground.

Look, it’s all in this whirlwind – this tempest – of winds loosed. No one knows how it will settle out. I’ve said long before that this electronic failsafe will be shut down. It must. These guys know it, too. As it says, have you printed out everything you need? Your BOB better not rely on thumbdrives.

Enjoy these quiet days before the rain/reign. Make them worth something.

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