Finally Something Useful

Oh yes…THIS is something I could have used. RunPee – it tells you the optimal times in a movie to go..err…go. I haven’t gone to the theatre in a very long time (that whole misanthropic thing gets in the way). But let me tell you – if I do I shall be putting that little tool to good use!

Another rather slick little toy was this Snowday site where you can cut your own flake. Some are amazingly detailed and well-done. Winter in July? Or just revving up my intense need to crunch some damned snow this winter? Does it matter? It was fun.

And then there is this little addition to the household for 24 hours…

He’s a rather geriatric fellow with gimpy hips so he held up as best he could under the torment of Kota and Ranger. Yeah, there’s a female in the house but who does Ranger want to mount? Sigh…He has a thing for the old man, what can I say? You see that look? It says so clearly how tired he is of the unwanted advances, no?

It has been one long damned day of sickness and dog minding. I’ve battled this sinus infection for a week, now, and still feel like utter crap. And how in the hell does a body create THAT MUCH crud?! Seriously. I have run through an amazing amount of tissue AND paper towels. Um – TMI? Sorry.

Of course, all this business takes place while Trooper is working evenings, part-times and is otherwise sleeping. Oh, and very handsomely annihilating three different wasp nests – one of which required a hazardous and hot roof mounting that allowed very little in the way of emergency egress. This, after engaging in a soul killing and heat stroke inducing lawn care session.

Yes, I courted him with Gatorade and ice water every few minutes. But the thing that saves a marriage? Wet towels in the freezer, proffered all crispy with that thinnest layer of ice crackling when it meets that noble brow. Draped under his booney, they refreshed the exterior in a deliciously decadent manner.

Eh, what’s that? I am the best wife evah? Well, perhaps…perhaps…we’ve seen enough contrast in other marriages to know that we don’t want to be that way. If a cool towel can smooth a hard day I can surely manage it. Now, if I could just get him to waterboard me later, I might actually be able to breathe. True love, that.

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