It’s Midnight. Do You Know Where Your Dog Is?

Because I know where my freaking nutso dogs are. Mock battling all over the house with drool and grrr’s added in for atmosphere.

Thanks to some moron outside making enough racket to wake The Good Dog, the Lesser Dog was made to rise from her evening slumber early. And now two over-tired dogs are over-taxing my last nerves. Sickly nerves, at that.

Yes, the damned to hell crud AGAIN. Word has it this is some nasty version full of fever and whatnot. Me, I am clutching my container of butter mints (minty sugar butter – you got a problem with that?) to my congesting as I weave in place chest and having a kind of sad cougar moment with this tasty Ukrainian treat. Go ahead and scroll down to the next to last photo. I’ll wait.

Ladies, you can smell what that is cookin’, no? (“But your craptastic skill at linking prevents my enjoying that sweetness!” Fine. FINE. Search ebay for item # 350322257653.) He might smell of elderberries but it’s awfully nice eye candy right there.


Eh? What? Why was I looking at Ren Fest attire? Why, never you mind! Nun ya. Wait. Did I post that already? Oh, the horrors! Possible replication of prior post content! [Insert claxon.] I think I was going to and then didn’t. I think. Damn but this getting old thing is – er – getting old.

I love butter mints. You know the different colors mean nothing – they all taste the same, right?

3 thoughts on “It’s Midnight. Do You Know Where Your Dog Is?”

  1. I know what butter mints are and have been known to eat myself sick over them. Buttery, minty goodness is what I call them until…. Then another day I will do it again. I hope you feel better.

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