Remembrances With Friends

We spent the fourth with very good friends, enjoying the small town fireworks from the back porch, having secured the dog’s some peace with Benadryl. Both of them seem to not enjoy fireworks so it was the best thing for them and it worked quite well.

Good converation, nicely cooked burgers, it was a very simple and highly impromptu gathering as none of us had really planned anything. My good friend, the distaff side, packed her cooler with what she had handy and we merged the remnants into a quite nice meal. Simple organic strawberries and real whipped cream (yes, organic) made a wonderful topping for the chocolate cake she had bits of, or the ice cream the kids preferred.

And I offered a bit of comic relief to my everlasting mortification. A sneeze too far, that internal valve failed and rather notably. The menfolk guffawed as I blushed and teared up and finally joined them after the shock wore off.

So it was…pleasant, calm, unplanned and utterly comfortable. It is why we are such close friends with them – there is a kind of peace that surrounds us, that deep sense that no fuss need be made, ever. Very comforting to a misanthrope like me.

Only this evening have I had a few moments to look around at all of you and your doings. And it was LeeAnn that pegged it in this.

“Hell can’t hold our sock-hops. We walk taller, talk louder, spit further, fuck longer and buy more things than you know the names of. ” P.J. O’Rourke, “Among the Euro-Weenies”

Or, as it has been put elsewhere…

America. Fuck, yeah.

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