Because It Makes Me Smile

That Kota – she is blooming with the good food and proper care. If she didn’t do the vengeful peeing (WTF?!) I’d be much happier. (Yes, this is even with walks, breaks in the yard, etc. She goes just enough but then seems to HOLD some in reserve. Weird creature.) The ending here makes me smile, though…

4 thoughts on “Because It Makes Me Smile”

  1. Ed, she does SO WELL 99% of the time that I'd had hopes…and she did REALLY well this evening when we were gone for a rather long time. I don't want to kennel her whenever we leave so we're still in the trial basis. I think we'll probably have to live with that

    Daphne, thanks! She truly has just turned into an amazing thing. Her fur was so dull and coarse – now it's like some amazing crimped fluff. And she has learned MANY things from Ranger. Walked them both today by myself and it was a success – feeling quite like the pack leader.

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