Fitting? 38×30

I acquired a pair of Blackhawk Tourniquet pants on a great deal but the 38×30 mens didn’t fit. If you happen to be a fit for these, let me know. Toss $15 at whatever charity you prefer and we’ll call it a done deal. They are in a plain beige/sand shade, not camo. A friend acquired some and simply used a seam ripper to take the straps out and make them very inexpensive but good quality hunting pants.

Leave me an email address in the comments and I’ll reach out…

Texas CHL – Get One

When I was considering getting my CHL Trooper found this video to give me an idea of how easy it would be compared to my huge fear of the process. I used this group for the test – very professional but you are expected to know your way around the weapon.

If you’ve been debating the process, stop – get the funds together and apply online (easier if you ask me than filling them out by hand). It is not that difficult. And very, very comforting to have that weapon with you everywhere…

Yes, I Know

My blog format is possibly the most ugly, awful piece of crap.

I just wanted to let you know that I know but that I really like black and I really cannot code HTML nor fix the coded for dummies templates.

In short, I was once a hacker and am now a granny-like lamester. I’ve no business in this business. I’ll just be over there, in the corner, dying quietly.