New Shooter Smile

Well, you can’t see it here but she left with a big smile on her face. This was taken during her first shots ever (with the gentle .22) while she worked out some kinks. She had a hard time keeping the aggressive stance but by the time we rolled on to the .45 and the M4, she was pegging it. (But all those pics are on their camera.)

Better still, she brought her 12 year old daughter along and they both learned at the same time. She’s a sharp young thing and a natural, making very fine shots shortly after her initial magazine was through. She has made it clear that getting a .22 for her birthday would be the best gift ever.

Mom thinks a .45 a great idea and was even happier to know that some can accomodate a .22 conversion kit, making it a win-win until that birthday rolls around.

The M4? Oh, my goodness – the young lady was rocking that thing, let me tell you. And Mom was laughing as she pegged the target over and over in the cranial vault and pelvic girdle.

All in all, it was an amazingly fun morning – just maddog hot on that range. We all were happy to leave at noon.

It’s been said over and over everywhere but…try and introduce a new shooter when you can! All we charged them was the ammo they shot and Mom said it was a bargain. Another one – no, two! – into the fold…

One response to “New Shooter Smile

  1. I agree completely on introducing people to the sport at every opportunity! Just did so myself with a young man working on his Boy Scout rifle merit badge. He had never shot anything before we went to the range. He is in camp this week; I hope he qualifies.

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