Fitting In?

She looks a bit happier with all those mats out of her fur and a good bath…that tail is just an amazing pole of fluff, now.
But the jury is still out as to her ability to find her place in this “pack”. She pushes Ranger to the limits of his endurance though he is strongly dominant with her. Just that she seems to be patiently wearing him down until he caves in. Of a size, it is only his sheer determination to remain in charge that has kept her “belly up”.
And it is that which we worry about. Will his character change because she keeps pressing him? Is he frustrated at all the work involved in keeping her at bay? Or is he finally finding an addition to the pack that is a match for his energy? We’re not sure how much effort we’re willing to exert if it costs us the fine demeanor that Ranger already has…
I feel a bit like a parent whose child has a new friend – uncertain if they are good for the child or a hazard. Just not certain I want to send her back to her owners after seeing the condition she was in. Already, the better diet and cleaning has her blooming into a pretty girl. And she learns so quickly – she has figured out our verbal command to do her business. We kenneled her last night in the guest room, the kennel the same one Ranger was in as a young pup. After the initial yips of frustration she quieted down until morning, allowing Ranger time to sleep in peace and recuperate.
Will she fit in? Can she be trusted? My sense of it is she’d be better off in a larger pack where she could exercise her own strong dominance streak while also submitting to an alpha male. But perhaps she can bend that strong will in time. After all, she has – in just a couple days – learned several commands and stopped that anxious barking. Who knows what might come? I suppose we’ll give it a few more days before making a decision. But if the right situation arose I would probably be relieved to deliver her to it. Time will tell.

3 responses to “Fitting In?

  1. Lu, Trooper, Chrisi and I send you guys our best wishes, however this turns out. Just the attempt speaks to your true nature and she's going to be a better, happier dog with a brighter future because of it. Try not to stress too much.

  2. She's better now just for the love and are you have shown her. When I first took Barkley over to play with G-dog hoping that they could stay together as I traveled, we were concerned. RB got her originally because she didn't get along with the other dogs her previous owners had. But she was young, probably 2. Chocolate Lab and Golden Retriever mix.

    She is dominant with Barkley but he's twice her size and just seems to roll with the punches. But when I took him home she just whined and whined, as did he. Next time he came over she was jumping up and down at the sound of my truck and he was jumping up and down in the back like some kid on his first date.

    They've worked into a grove of friendship that works, and are opening affectionate as much as dogs can be, but all dogs are different. You're right to be concerned, but love and time can do amazing things.

  3. Thanks you guys!! She was a pretty sweet girl yesterday with only a few issues. Some optimism is creeping in…

    And, yes, they do manage to work out a kind of truce over time. Even with the cats.

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