A New Inmate

This…is Kota. She’s young, still, and quite full of puppy but Ranger appears to like her very much indeed.
A friend of ours had her but I think she was a bit much for them. Already she seems to have improved her temperment. Of course, time will tell on this matter.
GIGANTIC paws hint at the possibility of her getting even bigger than Ranger. We’ll have to get her cleaned up a bit (she was a mostly outside pup) and get some better photos.
Darling girl…

6 responses to “A New Inmate

  1. Looks like quite a bit of Husky in her. That means digging and mischief and a master of escape. NO Husky can ever be trusted to always come when called. They want to see what is in the next county and they were bred to run. Good luck! (Currently on my fifth Husky dating back to 1977.)

  2. INDEED, there is. I understand hybrid mix w/ wolf…talk about two tough breeds in one.

    Hoping Ranger's very proper manners aids in keeping her to a good temperment but it may be a hard battle. And I have reserved the right to say “this is not working out”. Which would then mean finding a proper home for her.

    Poor things – matted all over…poor food provided…she shall bloom soon.

  3. Feisty, I cannot say just yet – we are reserving judgment. Rather, *I* am. I has a suspicion Trooper has already made up his mind on the matter.


  4. Sheri, you have no idea. She does that familial wolf thing of tucking her head in on me and raising a paw…just when I think it's gonna be easy to part with her wild ass she does something like that.

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