Stop Digging

I’ve been a bit preoccupied lately with Life and Things. My usual mil-pron thing has been put aside but Ed makes it too easy to pick up again.

He finds this vid from the Way Back machine wherein the Useful Idiot uses his not-quite 15 minutes of fame for the day to primp and preen as a General scratches notes on a pad. Likely, something akin to “never work for this SOB if given the choice” – which he has seemingly forgotten.

Good luck with that, Petraeus. McChrystal may have chosen to fall on his sword rather than bear up under any sort of nonsense that the Idiot may have wrought in his life. Having not read the article (because, face it, it’s RS – the accuracy is highly questionable – the author has stated, “Objectivity is a fallacy”…), the man is not an idiot – he would not have said a damned thing that he didn’t want out there in public. He knew what he was saying and to whom. The important thing is to understand it for what it was: a sign being placed right in front of our faces.

Frankly, I’d rather have McChrystal INCONUS. We may need him before long.

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