On The Border and On Edge

Oh, things there are getting very interesting. Courtesy of these folks, we see the following.

And there are reasons for it…

Not that long ago all of DPS was alerted to an incident:
“NORAD has issued a statement it says clarifies its position on an incident which happened over the weekend involving a Mexican Navy helicopter in a Texas border town.” A matter of the fly-over of an ICE enclave with armed military types hanging out the doors – an extended duration of flight ensured the notice of everyone in the vicinity.

Today, the news spits out the obvious, “Mexican drug cartels have set up shop on American soil, maintaining lookout bases in strategic locations in the hills of southern Arizona from which their scouts can monitor every move made by law enforcement officials, federal agents tell Fox News.” I wonder what the reaction would be if, rather than cartels, the bases were manned by Tea Party members. You couldn’t get supplies there for all the news trucks in the way.

Trooper noted in his own duty down south that it was a futile game as they watched us, we watched them, and decoys were sent to divert the limited resources as whatever and whomever they wished came through elsewhere. Not to mention the crooked locals on the take, performing their own diversions when they got too close…

This failure in securing the nation cannot be solved through manpower alone. It demands a double fence with no-man’s land between. It requires a real resolve to not deal with this as a mere drug war issue but as a national security issue. And since no one seems to care about either, the states themselves need to just deal with it – buy the land, build the fences, man the lookouts, and shoot on sight anyone choosing to cross illegally. Execute the dominion that the states are supposed to maintain.

5 responses to “On The Border and On Edge

  1. If the American people actually knew what was really going on at the border and across the border they would be horrified and rise up. One of my stolen trucks ended up down there and what I learn through intel is amazing. The cartels are better armed then our people and it is just a matter of time that they declare war on AMERICAN LAW ENFORCEMENT. I am scared to say it will be a blood bath. They kill people in the town squares and leaves their heads on the steps as warnings to Mexican law enforcement. It is coming and we need to fight them now before they cross.

  2. TX Ghost – damned straight. It's far worse than Nogales. The photos that show up in the intel reports are staggering. However, if it becomes much worse, I feel confident that the border property owners will do what must be done. Texas is about fed up with being reasonable.

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