Sunday Sunset Thoughts

It’s been a long day, heading to a friend’s house for some craftwork, then home again to the neglected housework. Only then to see that dear Brigid has lost a mother – again. I made me a bit pensive, recalling how it felt when my mom passed…

I gave the monster puppy a hug, it being the only cure for that sort of drifting melancholy available. He responded with the look that says, “Now?” No, no – not yet. The sun is still too high in the sky, vampire baby.

Ranger hasn’t taken to wearing the Doggles as he must if he is to get out in the daytime. Neither the Large nor XL fit him – he is a kind of in-between – so we’ll have to figure out some alternatives. For now, his options are dawn and dusk and brief excursions into the bright light of day. You can see his mood has altered with a general need to be within a close proximity – closer than his usual guard dog nature – to me as well as a kind of lethargy. A small part of me thinks it’d be kinder to find him a home in a cloudy clime. But he is ours, blind or no.

I was thinking about the light earlier on the drive home. The clouds were doing that glorious open Texas land thing where the shadows are cast and recast as I moved beneath them. A chiaroscuro on the road, changing, moving…

There was only the soundtrack for company, glances about as the hectic traffic that was so like Atlanta’s started to thin out until it was just the empty tollway and the orchestration…

Whisper of a thrill…the surging strings and tinkling piano emoted chills to a kind of sotto voce longing for voices long dead, a nod of understanding…and the strange thought-picture of people just standing in those wide pastures in the wind, watching me pass and they, themselves, passing into the aether once more.

What watches the watcher? What remains in shadow while in the light of day? What comes to us in our darkness with the glimmer of pale hope?

And still the sun will set on us all…one day…best that we ensure our own shadow is cast upon ground that pleases us best. While we can.

3 responses to “Sunday Sunset Thoughts

  1. I too lament the passing for B. Your post has made me wonder. The last line from you: “And still the sun will set on us all…one day…best that we ensure our own shadow is cast upon ground that pleases us best. While we can.” makes me wonder about everything. And the words are beautiful and poignant.

    You have said that you have felt inadequate with the written word on previous posts. I think not.

    Thank you!

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