Happy Faces

I think I’ve disguised the cast of characters well enough. (I did leave the notable and gratuitous cleavage shot alone – no, it’s not mine.)

I would be the one with the giant grin on my face. I wish I had my rifle! We all gathered so quickly for the shot and Trooper had put it aside as he helped take down the range gear…

I know that anyone who knows me will not be fooled at all. Still, it is a nod to the bare bones security that we attempt to maintain. We are not that hard to find, after all. We just do what we can to make it a little harder.

And now it’s time to see if I can get some sleep…wrestled with that lovely Blackland Prairie mud this evening – seems our AC is kicking out quite the puddle of condensation. Trooper’s initial foray into drainage systems was inadequate and I had to dig out a channel to relieve the system until tomorrow. I now have a motherhumper catch basin thing, PVC piping and gravel. He has a project in the morning.

2 responses to “Happy Faces

  1. It was all smiles…which is saying a lot after 10 straight hours in 96 degrees without much breeze – the downside of ranges and high berms…

    Very Happy Campers, All

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