You can watch this and think that nothing is wrong in that special place. And yet

“I made them unearth the urn so I could see the name,” Nolte said in a phone interview Thursday from New York. “I have peace knowing my sister is indeed in the right place.”

And of course one wonders where this bit of flotsam floated in from…

“Separately, the Army is investigating whether the cemetery’s deputy superintendent, Thurman Higginbotham, made false statements to service investigators. Higginbotham, who ran the day-to-day operations at the cemetery, has been accused by former employees of creating a hostile work environment and breaking into their e-mail systems..”

Oh, there is a great deal more to that story, of course. Strange how a man so embroiled in controversy could manage to be put at a podium

“In 2003, the cemetery hired a company called Standard Technology Inc. to begin the work. The project manager was someone described by cemetery employees as a Higginbotham favorite at that time, Richard Greaux. Within a year, Greaux struck out on his own, founding his own Manassas-Va.-based company, Offise Solutions Inc. The contract followed Greaux there.”

Elsewhere, it notes, “…Richard Greaux, an Air Force veteran with fifteen years of database development and IT project management experience at EDS and other firms. Mr. Greaux, whose work history includes assignments at the White House Communications Agency, developing software applications for AT&T and the Department of Veterans Affairs, saw a need for targeted IT services. ” Was he at the White House during this little escapade? Or maybe involved in this database?

And then taking on this fine example in order to do a wee bit of hacking…

Well, I suspect this entire thing will crack wide open as it ought – and perhaps cleaner hands can take the wheel and avoid using the hallowed ground as a coffer.

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