A Consistent Win

Ed is the one kicking ass these days. He has a string of terrific pieces. This one, linking to another great article is terrific.

“Maybe you’ve been a recipient of those viral emails about him. Remember the flap about the flag lapel pin? Remember the hand over the heart during the National Anthem question? Remember the discussions over his choices of what to do on Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day and D-Day? Remember the series of pictures of past Presidents briefing from that podium at the end of the hall down from the Oval Office? It asked what was missing with the Bamster, and then revealed that the position is no longer flanked with American flags. The elephant has been trumpeting in the room all along. “

And then he had to go here. Cruel

So many wrong turns led me away from that life. I’d have done anything just to pump the fuel into them…well, I suppose not since I didn’t. But the Air Force was unkind in those days to the lesser candidates. They could afford to be picky and so they were. I did not blame them but…oh, if only they’d been more motivating. I cannot imagine what my life would have been like.

I watch things like that and just wipe away tears of regret. I was meant for these things – it is a thing I know just as I know my own heartbeat. But it was late in life that I discovered it and am now rather too old to be craving battle. Likely there will be battles enou to come if I will only be patient.

How I envy each of you who has known the uniform…my only comfort has been, “They also serve who only stand and wait.”

God, I need a drink to wash this regret down.

3 thoughts on “A Consistent Win”

  1. What is that, that knowing? I too, envy the uniform. My sister endured Parris Island but for a short while and was discharged honorably for medical reasons; and so the mold was set: no daughters in the military.

    I should have. You should have. We may yet, like the battle maidens of auld, whose bairns were grown, whose best looks had faded with years of care, but whose hearts had grown fiercer with the abiding pride of place and moment,– with purpose.

    A glass and a nod to your pangs and mine, m'dear.

  2. Slainte, darlin'. Like Boudicca, herself.

    “Well, it's a nice soft night so I think I'll go and join me comrades and talk a little treason.”

  3. No, do not regret. I was in the civilian cadet program of the USAF way back then (Civil Air Patrol). I achieved the Billy Mitchell award and was an officer in that organization and cadet commander. (I do have a pic of me resplendent in the cadet commander uniform) That supposedly bumped me up if I entered the USAF after basic training a rank at least. Free flying lessons, riding around on C-130's, UH-1H,'s, staying at Air Bases from FL to OH. Then the hormones kicked in and I left.

    Missed the private pilot license by 3 hours of instruction.

    Do not lament what might have been. I did for a long time and have many friends that did wear the uniform. The important part is that they are my friends and I understand them more than most. Be there for them! That is a great service to our country as well! They need us, a lot of people do not have a clue what they did to protect us. Most will not tell you about it either unless there is some good scotch or gin around! (or on cheap nights a boat load of beer) Let them know you appreciate what they did! They really like that.

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