Wrong Table, Kid

When commenting on the blogs of really good writers I sometimes get the feeling that I am a geek at a new school who has inadvertantly sat at the Cool Lunch Table.

Immediately after you send in your comment you get a uneasy sense of, “Oh, yeah – uh. Later,” and you pick up your tray of pixels and find the Lonely Loser Table.

Or it could just be me…

4 thoughts on “Wrong Table, Kid”

  1. You made me giggle right out loud in a very quiet office. I suspect that most do neither. But I am not sure it removes me from the Geek table. LOL

  2. I for one consider you a good writer and I enjoy the labors of good writers. I consider myself severely impaired in my attempts to convey thoughts with the written word.

    I have felt your pain more than most, but being a “lurker” on blogs finally became tiring when I felt I had something to add.

    I still get the feeling you described however! Some blogs I post on belong to people that get paid to convert ideas and thoughts to the written word. Wow! I get paid to convey ideas and thoughts through the verbal space and I am told I am quite good at it.

    I guess that the old saw “there is no try just do” applies in some situations.

    And even if I get flamed on a blog, I have learned something to carry forward.

  3. Thanks, K!
    Nice to know I am understood. LOL It is a very literate and amusing group on that link list (though perhaps more rare than I think when one looks at the whole internet).

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