Not Shot

Trooper and I managed to sit down to the Tivo and watch Top Shot last night. Roberta mentions it here. A few things bothered me about the show…

For one thing, it really points out the downfall of being a specialist and entering a competition like this. If I knew I would be on a nat’l program (and had a career at stake if I failed miserably) you can bet I would have started finding, borrowing, and learning about every gun I could. Sure, maybe you could only review the parts and pieces online.

But the Seeklander performance was surprising. I’m confident it was a sight issue but even so it is inexcusable. I would expect a “professional” to be versed in every type of sight – perhaps not having used it but at least knowing how to use it! And why not just (after the 10th round) walked shots up to the target, learning as you went? Hell, I don’t pretend to know a damned thing but it’s what I would have done.

Tara Poremba – what can I say so far from one show? That using a spotting scope ought to have been an expected task and practiced until you were able to see the twitch of a chipmunk ass at 500 yards – that’s what I would say. The only woman and this is what comes of it? Or perhaps she was slagging to screw the other guy? Which brings me to my next point.

WHY WHY WHY must every show fall to the slimy “personality contest” motif? You would think this show topic would easily permit a points-based pass/fail system and would have no need to introduce the “fuck your partner/Survivor” mindgame bullshit. It absolutely downgrades the show for me and I may choose to load the dishwasher rather than watch that moronic “shoot their target and end `em” routine each show. When shall we ever see a program based on MERIT?!

All that said, I fervently hope Kelly Bachand whips them all. Well, I hope he and Caleb go toe to toe at the end. But I like the cut of Kelly’s jib, by God.

3 thoughts on “Not Shot”

  1. Agree on all points. I found myself yelling at the television. I'm not sure it's going to be watchable but I'll give it a few more tries before I make a decision.

    I had such high hopes but I should have twigged to the host. He's been on survivor about seventyhundred times.

  2. I haven't watched any reality show in ages…but the moment that hooey came on I knew the show was destined for disaster. Did they really think their intended audience needed that to maintain their attention?!


  3. I'm with you, girl. This should have been a best shooter wins, do your best for your team and yourself and be gracious in winning and losing. Shoot the guys target that you don't want to compete against? What the hell was that? I'd still want to know if I could beat the guy. Who knows, maybe he'd have an off day, and I had a great one; but, at the least I'd know I competed fairly and so did the rest. I'll watch this show one more time, and if they play it like the other phony “survivor” shows, I'm outa there.

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