Way Out Here

I spent far too many years as a city girl, corrupted by the surroundings and without much hope of more than just avoiding the bone wrenching work that I saw my mother deal with to survive. Kids sharp as knives and honed to a chilly edge that had no mercy -they were my playmates…rivals…comrades in arms. Old, old even before one was old enough to drive.

The escape of books was all I had and they were all Elsewhere, I realize now. Other times, other places, and never the real crime/murder mystery types because that was no mystery to me. I only needed a couple decades to work all that out and wend my way here, to sanity.

Now I can enjoy that sunset without smudged buildings blocking the light. We can watch the hay being rolled into giant ho-ho’s, and hear the low call of the cattle in the pasture at the end of the block. We can lean on the truck, talking to friends, and giggle at the local kids yelling “Marco…Pollo!”

It will likely all come crashing down and kids may not yell much at all for a few years. The cities will be unlivable. Out here, though, the tractors will run and the corn will grow. The tomatoes will be cherished and the chickens protected like the gold others thought wise to hold in their condos.

Way out here…life will go on as it always has, carried on by the people who know what it means to make do and get by. And a new soundtrack will grow from that experience. It is starting now. Sing along…

We Are Not Amused

Or so says that feral beasty…Trooper’s text had me spitting scone and tea everywhere.

“She has chewed the box of 22 ammo – there are piles of it all over the floor – about 500 rounds worth. And she dragged every shoe in the house out to the living room and piled them up – but only one of each pair. Did not chew them. Ranger was giving her the look. The ‘you are in trouble’ look.”

She has her own way about her. I took time this AM in full office attire to walk her for 20 minutes alone – her own time – in the hope she would “take a break” as we call it. Nope. But as soon as we were inside she was in the bedroom squatting. What the hell kinda message is THAT?! I sweated half my face off for that?

I tell you – if I was single or dogless I’d take her on just to win this contest of wills. It’s a full on chick fight, I tell you. Sigh…fingers crossed the canine unit wants her…the inquiry is in.

New Shooter Smile

Well, you can’t see it here but she left with a big smile on her face. This was taken during her first shots ever (with the gentle .22) while she worked out some kinks. She had a hard time keeping the aggressive stance but by the time we rolled on to the .45 and the M4, she was pegging it. (But all those pics are on their camera.)

Better still, she brought her 12 year old daughter along and they both learned at the same time. She’s a sharp young thing and a natural, making very fine shots shortly after her initial magazine was through. She has made it clear that getting a .22 for her birthday would be the best gift ever.

Mom thinks a .45 a great idea and was even happier to know that some can accomodate a .22 conversion kit, making it a win-win until that birthday rolls around.

The M4? Oh, my goodness – the young lady was rocking that thing, let me tell you. And Mom was laughing as she pegged the target over and over in the cranial vault and pelvic girdle.

All in all, it was an amazingly fun morning – just maddog hot on that range. We all were happy to leave at noon.

It’s been said over and over everywhere but…try and introduce a new shooter when you can! All we charged them was the ammo they shot and Mom said it was a bargain. Another one – no, two! – into the fold…

Fitting In?

She looks a bit happier with all those mats out of her fur and a good bath…that tail is just an amazing pole of fluff, now.
But the jury is still out as to her ability to find her place in this “pack”. She pushes Ranger to the limits of his endurance though he is strongly dominant with her. Just that she seems to be patiently wearing him down until he caves in. Of a size, it is only his sheer determination to remain in charge that has kept her “belly up”.
And it is that which we worry about. Will his character change because she keeps pressing him? Is he frustrated at all the work involved in keeping her at bay? Or is he finally finding an addition to the pack that is a match for his energy? We’re not sure how much effort we’re willing to exert if it costs us the fine demeanor that Ranger already has…
I feel a bit like a parent whose child has a new friend – uncertain if they are good for the child or a hazard. Just not certain I want to send her back to her owners after seeing the condition she was in. Already, the better diet and cleaning has her blooming into a pretty girl. And she learns so quickly – she has figured out our verbal command to do her business. We kenneled her last night in the guest room, the kennel the same one Ranger was in as a young pup. After the initial yips of frustration she quieted down until morning, allowing Ranger time to sleep in peace and recuperate.
Will she fit in? Can she be trusted? My sense of it is she’d be better off in a larger pack where she could exercise her own strong dominance streak while also submitting to an alpha male. But perhaps she can bend that strong will in time. After all, she has – in just a couple days – learned several commands and stopped that anxious barking. Who knows what might come? I suppose we’ll give it a few more days before making a decision. But if the right situation arose I would probably be relieved to deliver her to it. Time will tell.

A New Inmate

This…is Kota. She’s young, still, and quite full of puppy but Ranger appears to like her very much indeed.
A friend of ours had her but I think she was a bit much for them. Already she seems to have improved her temperment. Of course, time will tell on this matter.
GIGANTIC paws hint at the possibility of her getting even bigger than Ranger. We’ll have to get her cleaned up a bit (she was a mostly outside pup) and get some better photos.
Darling girl…