The New Addition To The Family

Well, he has found his new best friend over at the Harley dealership…it is a 2010 Electra Glide police model whose little acronym escapes me at the moment. Before we moved to Texas, he rode one of those things all day for the county so he is quite familiar with its performance and usage.

But I’ve heard nothing else for five days except “…blah blah motorcycle blah blah…” and I shall never be happier than when it is under his ass on the road and we can speak of something else.

I have to admit it is one fine ride. And he got a terrific deal on the unit from the guys here – we cannot say enough about their friendliness, kindness, and patience – just a terrific group of people there (which is sometimes not the case with HD dealerships and the attendant snobbery). He’ll have to edit the lights to clear and get a touring pack but he has connections that may be able to get it at a bit of a discount. So, for right now, I only get to admire it from afar.

I have to say, though, that his joy is infectious. It is pleasing to see him so happy – and to see him getting “back on the horse”. Now, if I could only get his enthusiasm up for finding ME a new vehicle. My darling baby has no 2nd gear

I suspect, however, that I shall hardly see my husband over the next month. Just a fading rumble as he communes with his own nature…

11 responses to “The New Addition To The Family

  1. If it's a police model then it would be a FLHTP in the Harley alphabet.

    I haven't seen a Tour-Pak setup like that before – does it adjust back to allow two-up riding?

  2. That's the one, thanks!! LOL
    My understanding is that the orig flat plate to accept the radio box is removed and the two up seat added with luggage behind. Seat has slot to accept a backrest when riding solo.

    It is currently just “stock” w/o radio box…that exhausts my intelligence on the matter. LOL I just hope that I am able to ride it someday…

  3. Looking at the photo again it appears that I'm seeing things.

    Is there another motorcycle with a Tour-Pak (trunk) parked immediately to the right of his motorcycle?

    At second glance I now see that his motorcycle has a solo seat with a radio rack behind it.

    In any case, congratulations and safe riding to both of you!

  4. Ed, he is indeed. An aficionado of the iron and the more fleshy kind. (Mmm! Bacon!) I never worry about his ability to ride. With any luck, he'll have his teaching license in a few months, also.

    Six, he agrees with you entirely. Though the HD crowd attracts an enormous number of morons, a select few stand back and laugh at them. Particularly when they drop the damn things in a slow turn.

  5. I think you might be unaware of who the Iron Pigs are. If you see them on the road you might think off-shots of the Sons of Anarchy.They've got the whole scene, leather vests with “colors” and logo, patches and chains, engineer boots, possibly leather chaps. No helmets but often camo or American flag “do-rags”. They look the part and so do the bikes, the attitude, the riding skill, etc.

    The catch is that the membership is all public safety types–police, sheriff, or fire protection. They are on our side and having fun doing it.

  6. Ed, I had no idea. LOL

    He has never been one for the “leathers” off-duty. And he is a helmet always guy, even in TX where it is optional. It may not do any good but it likely will do no harm.

  7. Great to see y'all yesterday! Thanks for coming over and sharing your day with us. And thank you for the BBQ rub and the bottle tool. They will be put to good use. Hope to see you again soon.

  8. Thanks, B – it was so good to visit. Had a great time talking with P and K – had hoped K would be a candidate for my stepdaughter (no ring) but alas it is not to be.

    GREAT food – enjoy the Larue stuff. He is a tremendous supporter of those brave gentlemen of the gun…

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