Leather Madness

That title might garner me a few unexpected hits, no? But this is what I’m talkin’ about…

We called Kirkpatrick Monday. By Tuesday night I had the box on my porch. Mind you, it is obvious that they had my items in stock – they usually have a 6-8 week waiting period. Even so…the thought that they could run to the back and box up my stuff and get a shipment out the door same day? Amazing.

But the best part? The price. A friend has loaned me his identical holster for months, now. We talked about them last night and he said that in a decade that price has not changed. Nor has the quality.

So if you want superior leather from a small shop that is dedicated to making you happy (not to mention making a leather holster that has held up through A LOT of usage over 10+ years), do give them a jingle. What you see there is their “Texas Strongside” holster with single mag pouch. Yes, of course, in black and brown – one must accessorize properly, no? I’m very pleased.

5 responses to “Leather Madness

  1. VERY nice! I have used El Paso Saddlery and Leather for many years, but a recent purchase has left me underwhelmed. I do love the leather as opposed to the “tacticool” black nylon or plastic stuff.

    Thank you!

  2. If I wanted to nit-pick, I'd suggest that the belt slot is too wide, unless you're always going to wear a 2″ belt. You might see some “rocking and rolling” with narrower belts. The forward cant is excessive for my taste, but that is strictly taste and not disqualifying at all.

    The leather work looks exceptional and at first glance before reading the text I thought it was Kramer stuff. Pricing is excellent and you can't beat the quick delivery!

  3. Hey Sheri! One can never have enough gear…two is one and one is none.

    Ed, there is a back loop that is a bit smaller – sits nicely on the standard tactical belt. The cant is acceptable to me – able to sort of use it as an arm rest if so desired. (If that illustrates the position well…)

    It's quite good by me – at least when I can't wear the thigh rig. [snicker]

    But I have to use some plastic-y thing at the training Sunday. Retention, blah blah…

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