Where’s The Little Queen?

Cleaning out my links tonight I stumbled on an ancient one. Here’s a sampling from long ago…

“Last week was an extremely stressful one, both at work and at home. Time was, I’d have alleviated that stress with a little self-medication. I mean, in 1990, I’d have snorted a bucket of cocaine and washed it down with ten gallons of Jack and Diet Coke. In ’95, I’d have taken a handful of valium, with a pinot grigo chaser. In 2000, I’d have smoked enough weed to numb the shakes, perhaps throwing in a little sport-fucking to keep it real, yo. Now? All of these delighful avenues are denied to me.”

Ah, yes…those were the mad, early days of the blogosphere. Hell, we would have mocked the HELL outta you for even giving it that name.

Wonder whatever happened to her. Likely still going like a champ under another moniker and I haven’t the smarts to peg her.

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