Geardo Saturday

Ah, yes – the beloved 5.11 sale at GT’s…once again we forgot about the event. Thankfully, a friend texted and I roused Trooper from his night shift sleep with the promise of burritos on the road. (Sorry, B – I texted but likely too late…next time!)

We are fortunate to live near the store and can participate in these sale days. Their clearance racks are also offer terrific deals every day…today, I acquired a set of goggles in case they would work for Ranger with some mods. I know, I know – but the mgmt gave a further discount on them due to the massive load of attire we were buying. We figured even if they didn’t work on the dog that one of us would make fine use of them. No loss. And almost 1/2 price.

The covert casual shirts were BOGO – I fit in the Mens Medium and took advantage of it. Sure, they aren’t exactly flattering but they do the job! They were also GONE within a few hours. Our pal held aside a bunch for us. Trooper got a tactical version as well as some pants at discount. Of course, none of their womens pants were sized for hobbits – even though they hem for free, the pockets tend to be skewed on the leg so that they’re hard to reach. Not worth the $ for me…

Batons (as in those fat ones the old fellas used to carry) were $5, I think. Sure, one each. Misc gun cleaning items were acquired as was a birthday gift (pistol bag) for a special young man. They cut us a deal on a quick clot kit in a molle pouch that I think I’ll tack onto the back of the bag.

I need a decent pair of boots but since I cannot get the pair I want, I bought the pair I found for 1/3 the cost. And yes, mens size but they give my hobbitses footses the room they need. I’ll wear them around a bit tonight to break them in. Not a great pair but not bad! And many more to be had if interested…event the desert versions – just not in girly sizes.

And, of course, none of us won any of the door prizes – but we figured it was well worth the time and effort today. We’re all too damned familiar to the folks there so it’s nice to just visit, chat, wander the aisles…you just never know what you’re going to find! Can you tell I was more thrilled about this shopping experience than I would have been about any standard girly fare? What can I say? I’m just another geardo.

2 responses to “Geardo Saturday

  1. HA! It's GT Distributors @
    2545 Brockton Dr. Austin

    I believe one must be law enforcement or security of some kind for entry, purchase but because I've always gone w/ Trooper, I cannot vouch for that.

    Suffice to say – if you ever want to go shopping, let me know. (Hit me at and I'll get back to you.)

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