Two Gone

Trooper and I are great fans of the Aggie Corps of Cadets. It was particularly difficult for him last evening as he worked the wreck that saw the terrible loss of two of those cadets. Can’t really reveal much about it, of course. But it was painful for him…

We talked about it when he finally made it home. I stayed up an extra hour to just be there, get him a late dinner, let the words come from him so that he could sleep later. There is something useful in that conversation for him…a kind of download so that he can let it go. At least until today.

His phone has been a constant companion, ringing as soon as he finishes a call. Kind words to family members dealing with a horrible day…at least the rain today will allow him to spend more time on the report, aiding the families in the steps they have to take, now.

It is the aftermath that strikes me deeply – the details that grieving families must deal with. Texas DPS offers a very strong victim assistance department. Notifications are always made in-person with supportive personnel attending. It is a very solemn and respectful duty and it must be a kind of calling for those who take on that role. Our area is particularly blessed with a fine representative in that role.

But, if you could, spare a moment and a prayer for the families as well as those cadets who will be grieving that loss.

5 thoughts on “Two Gone”

  1. My prayers are offered. It has been said many times that parents should not have to bury their children. I grieve with you and yours at the loss.

    The word verification for this post was angst. Irony?

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