Roasting the Weiner

Yeah, I missed it the first time around…

And there’s our man of the hour, Mr. Barack fuckin’ joke thief Obama. Havin’ fun, buddy?
(Obama smiles nervously)
Listen pal, maybe I live in a cave, but I read the papers.
Strafing Manhattan in a 747? Really? In case you didn’t notice, I was doing that routine like eight fucking years ago. I mean, what are you, Carlos fucking Mencia?
(Obama smiles nervously)
What’s the matter? Teleprompter got your tongue?
(Obama smiles nervously)
Holy scimitar, this fuckface couldn’t ad lib a fart.

Read the whole damn thing. I cackled the whole way…

2 responses to “Roasting the Weiner

  1. Great minds and all that…I just finished linking up I-Hawk on ThunderTales for his send up of Kagan this morning.

    The man's a genius, pure and simple.

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